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Even though the majority of men’s penises are not also small to satisfaction their partners, several guys still prefer something much longer. Penile dysmorphophobia is the clinical term for stress and anxiety over the dimension of your penis. This prevails in guys throughout the globe, specifically because the rise of on the internet x-rated videos, where every man celebrity appears to have a fanatic of nature in their pants.

Fascinating truth: Although this is still a very overlooked subject, it’s widely thought that the average drooping length is approximately 3 inches, whereas the erect ordinary size is 5 to 6 inches.

If you are not happy with your size, utilizing a high-grade penis extender is the strategy. Surgical treatment, as well as other points of extreme nature are most definitely unworthy the initiative, specifically with the dangers included.

If you are in a hurry, this is the 6/2018 WINNER: ANDROPENIS PENIS EXTENDER (Click for Deals and Price) Using a penis extender appropriately, for a predetermined time period, will certainly give you the best outcomes long-lasting. Nevertheless, prior to we explain with our testimonials, allow’s look first of all at the table with leading 7 items on this list

andropenis penis extender


Conclusion: ANDROPENIS is one of the most comfortable and most effective penis extenders on the market now. Comfort means longer wearing time. 

ANDROPENIS (I have actually outlined evaluation here) is just one of the most prominent brand names on the market. With several months of constant usage, you can anticipate favorable results. The arise from using this device are durable, which suggests as soon as you have your wanted penis size you can quit using the tool. This isn’t something that you have to make use of for the direct future. Yet just how does it work? Like all extenders, you will certainly have to place this around your penis.

This then will carefully extend it and will certainly encourage it to expand.

By selecting the correct dimension on the tool, you’ll be able to attain a particular amount of growth each month, although that will depend upon how frequently you use it. Wearing this device for several hours a day will certainly create the fastest outcomes, although using it for brief periods of time will still have some advantage.


Comfort band It is comfortable to use because of its convenience KIT band. This suggests that it can be configured in 16 different ways. Just like purchasing a footwear, one size does not fit all.

Flexible Positioning A great deal of gadgets will only have a couple of various ways of using it, which can be troublesome for those that are not able to place it on appropriately originally. Not having an adjustable tool can make it extremely uneasy for the wearer and also will likely cause them not utilizing it long enough to acquire results.

Multi-Directional Angling It is furnished with multi-directional angling which indicates that the tool will comply with the body’s all-natural curve of the penis, making it a lot more comfortable to use.

Exclusive Storage Box The entire package is available in a natural leather case, and every little thing inside is wrapped thoroughly. Package isn’t decorated which means you do not need to fret about anybody finding out about your purchase if they see package.

Securing Travel Case The traveling case has a securing key function which once more is optimal to make sure that spying eyes don’t see what’s inside. The main gadget is made from top quality materials which guarantee comfort.

Perfect for Curved Penis They have actually mentioned that medical professionals have actually certified that this can be utilized as an efficient device for those that deal with a curved or bent penis. The exercises that are described in the guidebook likewise can aid you accomplish these outcomes.

Cash Back Guarantee There is a need to worry about whether you will be losing your money if it does not work, as they use a refund assurance. If, after a few months you don’t see any noticeable results, you will certainly be able to obtain a full reimbursement, no doubt asked.

ANDROPENIS , Long Wearing Time Required This device isn’t for those that are trying to add on and inch within a week. In order to accomplish the outcomes that are ensured, you will certainly need to devote numerous hrs a day, for a number of months, in order to achieve your preferred length. Individual testimonies have actually ended that this gadget fits to use which it’s so subtle that you can use it while away from the house. Within the first 3 months it’s most likely that you would have expanded half an inch, and by the end of 6 months, you must have expanded a minimum of another inch.

I truthfully believe that this is among the best extenders  on the marketplace these days as well as is absolutely worth its greater price. With various bundles and also 6-month cash back guarantee you have nothing to stress over.

If you want to add a couple of inches to your penis size, after that ANDROPENIS is the right selection for you. Although it will certainly take a while, routine traction needs to progressively contribute to your size ultimately.

These claims have actually been sustained even by scientific research studies.

In this testimonial, you will locate whatever you have to learn about this brand of extender– also resources of previously as well as after images along with amazing tips to enhance your size.

Men around the globe have an interest in including inches to their dimension. The good news is, with the ANDROPENIS tool, they can do so durably. Nonetheless, really couple of actually know the science behind the success of traction based enhancement.

There are four core concepts that this product is based upon:

Traction– The primary function is played by the traction, because it offers the possibility for your tissue cells (discovered within your phallus) to expand and also expand, producing a series of spaces as well as splits.
Cellular division– Once those voids have been produced, the procedure of division of cells will certainly take over to divide and after that increase to a degree in which your shaft will expand together with the chambers within your «little pal».
Greater ability– Since your little buddy will certainly currently have the ability to hold much more blood than before, it must be able to expand in dimension and also remain this way durably.
Extension of tendons– There have actually been plenty of research studies that have actually verified that it is effective at extending the ligaments linking your shaft to a pubic bone, making your drooping participant hang lower!
Although this process is progressive and also takes a lot of time, it actually functions, and hundreds of guys enjoy the higher self-esteem that includes larger dimension. Simply see the verdicts of research studies below.

ANDROPENIS and ANDROEXTENDER  are really a very comfy extender to utilize! This is the factor people can use it for numerous hrs– also throughout the day when they are at job or running their errands.


«At 6-month follow-up, a mean gain of 1.7 ± 0.8, 1.3 ± 0.4, and 1.2 ± 0.4 centimeters was kept in mind for the drooping, extended, and also erected penile sizes, respectively (all P values < 0.001). During the off treatment period, there were no considerable changes in penile sizes. No effect on penile girth was observed. Client complete satisfaction survey revealed small fulfillment. From 13 patients with mild standard impotence, nine clients reported regular erectile feature after 9 months. […] Penile extender as a minimally intrusive strategy is risk-free and supplies modest benefits as well as client fulfillment.»

Nowroozi, M.R., et al. (2015). “Applying extender devices in patients with penile dysmorphophobia: assessment of tolerability, efficacy, and impact on erectile function“, in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Vol. 12(5). Pp. 1242–7.

» The PTT is an unique technique that requires a great deal of individual conformity and resolution. Early evidence suggests that picked instances of PD may benefit from a conventional approach with PTT, resulting in boosted penile length and also reduction of penile defect. The greater enhancements in penile size and curvature in the Levine research (0.5– 2 cm gain in penile size and also 33% mean decrease in EPC) compared with the Gontero research (1.3 centimeters gain in penile size as well as 13% mean reduction in EPC) might remain in component due to the fact that some clients have a lot more acute illness or greater EPC (Gontero research study omitted people with curvature higher than 50 °) as well as the absence of calcified Peyronie’s plaque may react much better to PTT. It has actually been asserted that PTT can boost the penile girth via soft tissue cellular spreading and growth in a multiplanar style from persistent grip.»

Chung, E., & Brock, G. (2013). “Penile traction therapy and Peyronie’s disease: a state of art review of the current literature“, in Therapeutic Advances in Urology. Vol. 5(1). Pp. 59–65.

» Twenty-three instances with a mean age of 26.5 ± 8.1 years went into the study. The mean flaccid penile length enhanced from 8.8 ± 1.2 centimeters to 10.1 ± 1.2 cm and also 10.5 ± 1.2 cm, specifically, in the very first and also third months of follow-up, which was statistically substantial (P < 0.05). Mean extended penile length also considerably enhanced from 11.5 ± 1.0 cm to, respectively, 12.4 ± 1.3 cm and 13.2 ± 1.4 cm during the very first as well as 2nd follow-up (P < 0.05). No considerable distinction was discovered pertaining to proximal penile girth. Nonetheless, it was not the very same regarding the circumference of the glans penis (9.3 ± 0.86 centimeters vs. 8.8 ± 0.66 cm, P < 0.05). […] Our findings sustained the efficiency of the gadget in boosting penile length. Our result likewise recommended the opportunity of glans penis girth improvement making use of penile extender. Doing even more research studies is advised.»

Nikoobakht, M., et al. (2011). “Effect of penile-extender device in increasing penile size in men with shortened penis: preliminary results“, in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Vol. 8(11). Pp. 3188–92.


lthough it may seem that putting this device onto your penis is a work for an expert, it is really easy to do.

Just adhere to these ideas and also you will be excellent to go:.

Very carefully put your white base ring (the part with elongation bars) on your penis. Set the size of your prolongations bars at the very least 1cm longer than the ultimate stretched size of your flaccid penis.
Press the front head piece of your ANDROPENIS device onto elongation bars.
Place the head of your penis into this item of tool.
Tighten the rubber band to make it hold firmly versus your penis with its lip right under your glans. Make micro-adjustments on your bars to enhance the stress (NOT RECOMMENDED DURING FIRST FEW WEEKS).
According to numerous studies (like the one mentioned below) you can achieve the very results when using any type of penis extender for as much as 5 hours every day. However, you need to take it down every hour or more for 10– 15 mins to bring back blood circulation.


All these user reviews as well as responses are accumulated from other on-line sites. As a result, I can not guarantee their legitimacy. Please take these with a grain of salt.
Surprisingly, as I was browsing the internet, I figured out that a majority of consumers that have acquired this tool have actually had just fantastic points to state regarding it!

Primarily, they have actually pointed out these benefits:

User kindness
High efficiency in size gains
Unexpected convenience degrees
Much better sexual efficiency
More powerful climaxes
There is quite a variety of individuals who have actually not mored than happy for one factor or one more, but the surplus of pleased people I was able to locate on the web show that ANDROPENIS is most definitely among those extenders that you will certainly enjoy to have!


» Only handled 2.5 hours as I really felt a burning sensation in the shaft eventually. It may have been from the memory foam as well as cover as it was sore and also incredibly delicate when I took it off. After taking 30 minutes I can probably wear it for an additional 2 hrs but I’ll call it a day.»

» I used the Androvacuum for 10 minutes later to get the blood streaming and the pump and also feeling was comparable to my very first use! The pump stress was really strong as well as my penis felt very broken similar to a wonderful jelq session. Presume it does what it declares to.» James. ( July 28, 2017).

» I included concerning 2cm making use of an extender comparable to ANDROPENIS— in fact, I utilized two high-quality extenders in the direction of the end. Directly, I believe they work. But you need to take a great deal of care with them so that they do not remove blood supply to the head. I do not have experience with the ANDROPENIS system, but checking out it I assume it is rather comparable to one of the types I was using.».

» I’m glad to see there is now an assistance agent on the gym for rod based extenders. I have to say that the push rod systems truly do obtain a stretch occurring. But they are definitely not establish and forget.» David, june 2018.

» I gained bit over a half an inch within the initial 6 months but then do not think gotten anything in the 3 months after that. I just couldn’t stay up to date with that routine, to maintain working your prick for a lot time daily is difficult. Yet I still do the bathmate and also ANDROPENIS atleast thrice a day awhile since it absolutely improves erection high quality in a rather serious means! I would certainly urge all to do these exercises.» Adam. 28, 2017).

» I wear my extender at work. I am the exception as well as not the regulation I mean. At my job, I am required to wear fire resistant bibs which, luckily, are extremely loosened installation. I just use sweatpants under my bibs, tuck those right into my boots as well as off I go! I do one and also a half to 2 hr sessions, depending on comfort, with fifteen to thirty minute breaks between each for a total time in the extender of six to 8 hours. I have just slid the noose possibly a number of times and also it just falls into my boot.».

» The trouble will certainly be when I get eliminated or injured on the job and they discover this middle ages looking device on my dick! My job is extremely active. I climb ladders, ladder racks, walk, bend as well as lift. Really, one of the most tough point for me while prolonged is getting in as well as out of my work vehicle.» Randall, — July 28, 2017).

As long as you follow the guidelines supplied as well as have sensible expectations, you will certainly be able to get specifically what you desire from this rewarding investment over a longer time period!


A basic rule of thumb is as complies with– you might experience a one-inch growth for each 1000 hrs you wear any type of penis extender. So, with 5– 8 using hrs daily, you might anticipate 1-inch growth in 125– 200 days (4– 7 months). Nevertheless, gains will be specific and also special for each person.

It is not unusual that many underhanded business on the market for male improvement pay for phony user testimonials to advertise their items. That is why you require to be essential when assessing user testimonials.

Fortunately, phony ones have usually at least couple of points alike: These are incredibly positive appealing huge (usually unrealistic) gains. These typically state that their outcomes were attained very rapidly. Just keep in mind that you constantly require to take extremely favorable insurance claims with a grain of salt (also if these are genuine). It is much better to be secure than sorry.


Now, the easiest method for you to get actual ANDROPENIS penis extender is online via the main site or through pick authorized dealers worldwide. Nonetheless, simply a fast google search will supply you with a great deal of internet sites that supply this gadget too.

However can you rely on these sites that they will send you an actual product (as well as not a phony one)? That is why I advise buying any type of product from the main item website ( if you wish to be 100% sure you will not obtain scammed.

Here are details of main warranty policy (drawn from this page on July 28, 2017):.

» Simply utilize your device for 120 successive days (4 months). In the very not likely occasion that you don’t see any kind of rise in the size of your penis (or improvement in the curvature of your penis if using the tool to treat Peyronie’s/ bent penis syndrome), contact us within 6 months of receiving your tool to request your reimbursement. Why do you require to use your tool for 4 months? While a lot of our customers begin to see gains within the really initial couple of weeks, the rate of outcomes differs from one person to another. By utilizing the ANDROPENIS gadget daily for 4 months, you’ll be permitting sufficient time for the tool to benefit you.».

However, you have to accomplish specific conditions in order to become qualified for a money back warranty (quote taken on July 28, 2017):.

» To qualify for a refund, we will certainly need to see the following documents as evidence that you have actually utilized your device according to the directions:».

» A before picture as well as an after picture of your penis beside a measuring device such as a tape measure or leader (you should be wearing your ANDROPENISdevice in each image, and also the typical grip of the tool have to show up).».

» A diary/log describing the days and also the variety of hours you have used your gadget throughout the four months, consisting of the amount of traction used each time.

» To request your reimbursement, just email your request along with the above supporting papers to».

» Please note: Every ANDROPENIS gadget is sanitized and also delivered to you in a secured plastic bag. Once this bag is opened up, your gadget can not be returned or reimbursed unless you are asking for a refund under our cash back ensure terms over.».

When it come to personal privacy of your purchase, you will certainly obtain your tool in a plain brown package. Simply see on your own what they say about personal privacy (quote was taken from official product homepage on July 28, 2017):.

» Delivery is quick and also 100% very discreet, delivered from the circulation office local to you. […] In addition, all packaging will certainly be discreet so NO-ONE will certainly understand what it is. Because the last thing you desire is for somebody to recognize you’ve simply purchased a penis enlargement device. However with very discreet delivery AND invoicing, also if someone else takes distribution of your parcel or sees your billing statement, NO-ONE BUT YOU will ever understand what you’ve purchased!».

As for rate as well as plans go, the official web site supplies a number of primary options for you to choose from, ranging from the device just to intricate convenience plan.


As far as price and packages go, the official website offers several main options for you to choose from, ranging from the device only to complex comfort package.


LAST VERDICT: After evaluating this gadget, I have to claim that is most definitely a resilient extender that is constructed of premium products. I am thrilled by the excellence with which was this gadget created.

I was amazed to discover how comfy it is to wear it throughout the day. I was anticipating a lot of consumers reporting considerable pain, yet I could not discover any type of. However, you need to get accustomed to the extending experiences first.

I truthfully think that ANDROPENIS is just one of the best extenders on the market nowadays and also is definitely worth its price. With various bundles as well as 6-month cash back ensure you have absolutely nothing to stress over.

 “Size doesn’t matter.”

That’s what numerous women say, or seem like they need to claim to their companions. Yet if you’re a guy who isn’t really determining up in the dimension department, you recognize that isn’t really real. Dimension does issue. You can measure just how much it matters not just in regards to inches you don’t have, yet in regards to unsatisfactory or missed sexual opportunities.

Thanks to the web, there are now thousands of choices around for males who are looking for a means to improve penis dimension. Yet do any one of these techniques really function? Actually, you might be stunned. There is at the very least one product around that really can make a dramatic and also durable boost in penis size, and it’s called ANDROPENIS.

A Real Review

I am mosting likely to inform you all about my cause just a minute. Yet first I want to inform you my tale. Because you’re reading my individual ANDROPENIS review, I am presuming that some of you might be able to relate- also if you do not intend to confess.

I was birthed with a hormone inequality that resulted in reduce advancement. It was not a micropenis but it was something I was constantly aware of. This is a condition where the penis is unusually small– mine was less than 3.75 inches for the majority of my life.

It was triggered my a hormone interruption with my mother while I remained in utero. I do not assume I require to tell you how humiliating this was for me. I keep in mind during puberty I felt so awkward, but I kept assuming that somehow things would certainly reverse for me, that it was something I would just grow out of. Yet I never did.

I attempted going out with females. To be sincere, a lot of them didn’t actually seem to care all that a lot when they saw exactly how small I was. However the technicians of really making love were a genuine discomfort. We could just really get it to operate in particular settings, and it simply took all the enjoyable from it. Sex was constantly frustrating, and progressively in time I just quit. By age 30 I had just had sex with a couple of females ever before, and I didn’t see any type of chance that I would certainly try once again in the future. I generally resigned myself to a lifetime of forced abstaining. Already my self-confidence was shot to hell.

I checked into a lot of different possibilities. I attempted all the enhancement tablets, DIY dishes and also the lotions however fruitless. At one point I even presumed regarding consider surgical procedure! My physician talked me from it and also suggested a penis pump instead. I used that as well as it did assistance, yet I wanted a durable solution. And then I found out about medical penis extenders.

I bewared about investing money on yet another «remedy» which might be only a drain on my bank account. However I determined that I would attempt this set last point. Nevertheless, I was willing to invest cash on surgical treatment. If I chose to buy ANDROPENIS, it would certainly be a great deal cheaper than that, and a great deal much less intimidating also. I asked my doc what he considered my idea, as well as he claimed to go for it so long as I took care and also made use of the extender effectively

If you do not recognize much about penis extenders, you might be questioning what this involves.

It’s straightforward. This is a gadget which you use for regarding a hr (or a number of, if you desire) daily over a duration of months. It exerts mild stress on your penis, progressively expanding its size in time.

It’s easy. This is a tool which you use for about a hr (or several, if you want) each day over a duration of months. It applies gentle tension on your penis, slowly prolonging its dimension gradually.

You may be wondering, «Why should I try a penis extender as opposed to a penis pump or pills or a few other approach?»

Well, most penis tablets aren’t actually formulated to develop any kind of durable gains in regards to size. Those that state they are will not give dramatic results (if any type of results in any way). Penis tablets can be extremely useful, yet the majority of them are created for an immediate boost or for a particular kind of erectile dysfunction.

What regarding lotions, gels, and more? These topical treatments might produce some momentary size rise, yet it is rarely very visible.

As for penis pumps, those actually can create an obvious boost in size and girth. However the majority of the gains are momentary and featured some rather severe medical threats. You have to wear a keeping band during sex to keep the added blood in your penis. After you take it off (around half a hr later), your size will go right pull back again.

A penis extender is the only product out there which can offer you with enduring gains in size!

Do Penis Extenders Really Work?

The huge question of course (pun meant) is whether this tool had the ability to deliver. Allow me inform you what my personal experience resembled! Well, when I first took this device out of the box it came in (which was extremely discreetly packaged), it looked anything but comfortable.

So I was amazed when I put it on and changed it as well as it ended up being very comfy. I was soothed it fit me too. I suggest, I know it was developed for individuals with tiny penises, yet I was stressed I would certainly be too tiny to utilize it. I adjusted it so that it applied simply a little tension and also left it on. I actually hardly noticed the hour passing away. At times I neglected I was wearing it. That was just how unobtrusive it was. For the very first few weeks, I only put on the extender for about an hour a day. Gradually though I started wearing it for longer and longer periods of time; often I simply neglected to take it off. It isn’t really obvious underneath your garments, but I still felt most comfy wearing it when I was simply hanging out at residence by myself.

I will not lie. You have to be patient to obtain outcomes with this product. This is not an overnight service.

You likewise need to be incredibly thorough. I don’t assume I missed a single day for the entire six months that I utilized it. I really did not in fact see much in the means of development for the first few weeks either, to the point where I wondered if it was working.

I’m really thankful I really did not quit, however, because around the three month mark I started to see genuine development.

Allow me tell you, that is absolutely fine with me, since here is the progress that I attained:

Starting size: 3.8 inches
1 month: 4.0 inches
2 months: 4.4 inches
3 months: 5 inches
4 months: 5.25 inches
5 months: 5.5 inches
6 months: 5.8 inches
I seriously can’t inform you how incredible that is. I obtained 2 inches, which for me was virtually like doubling the size of my penis! It was a crazy experience. I overlooked starting at 3 months and I simply could not believe what I was seeing. I maintained thinking I was dreaming or something, but every early morning I woke up which added length was still there. Did I mention that these are my drooping measurements? Put up, I’m even bigger. Talk about a rise in confidence!

For me personally, this extender conserved my sex life.

Like I said in the past, I was literally on the brink of giving up on sex forever. I ‘d simply had numerous discouraging experiences, and also I would certainly gone so long without trying, it was starting to seem like sex was just something that was indicated for other individuals. Yet I never ever reached a place where I seemed like I can just approve that. I was so clinically depressed I can not start to inform you.

Every little thing is various currently! My self-confidence expanded as my penis did. It is outstanding considering my body in the mirror as well as seeing a regular guy. And while I believed that the few ladies I would certainly gone out with in the past were quite approving, I have to admit that the response I get from women now is entirely various. As well as having sex is a whole lot easier as well as much better. It feels a lot more gratifying both for them and also for me.