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Lower Penis Curvature

Modification of curved penis: as much as 50% improvement of penile curvature triggered by Peyronie’s illness, injury or natural in connection with the initial circumstance (PubMed).

Based upon the principle of traction, this is just one of the alternatives which doesn’t include any surgical procedure or taking medicines (orally or by injection). It provides an efficient option which is economic as well as risk-free.

Rise Penis Length

Enhancement of penis: increase in length of the penis approximately 1.5 centimeters (0.6 ″) in flaccid and erected state and increase in girth by approximately 1 cm (0.4 ″) (JSM).

Moreover, Andropeyronie ® causes development of the penis many thanks to the all-natural action of the tissue to grip which causes the division of cells in the penis (JSM).

Safer Results

The Peyronie’s and curvature adjustment treatment includes 2 durations:

An adaptation duration, lasting 15 days.
An evolution period, consisting of 3 separate phases: first advancement stage (1st and 2nd month), intermediate evolution stage (3rd and also 4th month) and last development stage, which begins with the 5th month. (JSM).

Easy of usage.

The setup and also elimination of the gadget is really easy. The gadget can be worn while walking, resting and also standing. This enables the customer to have a regular daily life and also work. It does not create pain and it is extremely discreet (JSM).

To attain curvature adjustment results the gadget must be used in flaccid state on a daily basis for 8 to 9 hours dispersed via the day for a duration of 6 to 9 months. (JSM).

Andropeyronie penis extender results

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تصحيح بسيط وفعال لانحناء القضيب (PubMed)

!انخفاض انحناء القضيب

+50%*الحد من الألم (JSM)

زيادة طول القضيب

+1,5 cm (0.4″)** والنتائج تختلف مع كل فرد (JSM)