Penile Traction Therapy For Treatment Of Peyronie’s Disease: A Single-Center Pilot Study

Published Saturday 11 May 2018 Adapted Media Release– The pilot research and also ongoing professional experience suggests the crucial significance of individual conformity if an improved result is to be acquired from use of the andropenis penile grip tool. While of the study, various other people at the study site were being treated with intralesional shots, an extra hostile treatment technique, with the assumption that remarkable outcomes would certainly be achieved. It was, actually, kept in mind that a larger percent of the study people were achieving far better outcomes on traction alone. It was thought that patient compliance was the establishing variable. An absolute minimum of two hrs use per day, four to 6 hours being optimal, are called for to create positive outcomes over a 4 to six month period with grip treatment (andropenis). This is tough for numerous people to accomplish, as are lots of therapies requiring committed self-monitored compliance. In developing the research study protocol, it was decided to integrate regular phone call to each topic. These telephone calls were seemingly made to motivate conformity, look at progress, to provide very early identification of concerns and to advise topics of consultation dates. The calls additionally satisfied of encouraging the subject as well as of creating a feeling of recurring interest and support on the part of the scientists. This, it was really felt, made a major distinction in the level of subject compliance, and also therefore the favorable outcome accomplished by all research study subjects.

Since completion of the study in November of 2017, Dr. Levine has actually remained to focus rate of interest on the potential of the andropenis Extender as component of mix therapies using intralesional Verapamil and oral agents. It is felt that, with correct client compliance, the combination of penile grip therapy and also intralesional medications might provide both accelerated and boosted outcomes for Peyronie’s individuals. Information gathered by Dr. Levine right now is not adequate to sustain qualified declarations about end results, yet current methods continue to check out the synergies between traction pressures as well as the chemical impacts of Verapamil.

Also, Levine and also Newell, with other scientists, are establishing researches on the potential for the gadget to assist clients restore penile length adhering to loss of penile length before, as well as complying with, extreme prostatectomy, as well as prior to implantation of penile prosthetics. While the emphasis of the pointed out study was decrease of penile curvatures, it was also noted that people likewise achieved gains in length. This may suggest that the device can help clients recover all or part of penile length lost as an outcome of penile degeneration adhering to long term erectile dysfunction (ED).

Written by Laurence A. Levine, MD, Mark Newell, PhD, Frederick L. Taylor ,MD, as part of Beyond the Abstract on