2018 Penis Extender an ANDROPENIS FDA Approved by andromedical

2018 Penis Extender an ANDROPENIS FDA Approved and Clinically-Tested For Penile Enhancement and Curvature Correction Purposesthere are penis extender brands available on the market today, but for the …

Origen: 2018 Penis Extender an ANDROPENIS FDA Approved by andromedical

The original ANDROPENIS (20 years) is the only FDA registered  and patented penis extender device sold in the US 


Updated on August 9, 2018
Hi individuals, my name is Luis Newman and I’m going to instruct you regarding penis extenders.
So you’re looking to acquire some penis size, right? Well, you’re in the ideal area.
In this overview, you’re going to discover which one is the most effective. If you wish to discover how to use a penis extender, go below. Allow’s get going.

What is a Penis Extender?
Penis extenders (not to be puzzled with the sex plaything, penis expansions), are likewise known as penile traction devices as well as penis stretchers.
Here, we discuss penis extenders, medical tools made use of to raise size permanently, not penis extension sex playthings.
They are simple equipments that were developed to hold the penis in an extended state to accomplish penis length gains. This is called «penis traction»
Penis grip is the fundamental reason why extenders include length.
You can find out more regarding the scientific research of penis grip and also just how penis extenders function, here.
Penis Extender Results Well even the popular WebMD recognizes that penis extenders work:
» You might need to wear a weight (or extender) strapped to your penis 8 hrs a day for 6 months,» states Dr. At the end of it, you could be lucky enough to get concerning half an inch.»– WebMD (Even WebMD acknowledges that it’s feasible.) However it’s not simply WebMD that identifies that extenders simply work. Extender effectiveness has actually additionally been reported in Time Magazine, medical journals (British Journal Urology International [BJUI], and in study labs throughout the world.
In fact, we’ve compiled all the research studies done on penis extender results, here, in an easy-to-read recap. Here is the arise from Sina University, at Tehran Medical Penis Extender Reviews
The table shows the base rate of each extender. Usually, the vendor offers various bundles/ devices that you can purchase with these extenders, so the price varies and might really be a bit greater than expected. Eventually, it doesn’t matter which device you utilize. Why? Due to the fact that all that matters is: Penis Extender Requirements It does not slide off. It’s comfy.
It’s hidden (People can’t see it bulging with your pants). A lot of extenders on the market can do these 3 things, no worry.

Are we prejudiced? Possibly a little.
Nevertheless consider this: andropenis was ONLY invented BECAUSE we were not happy with the various other extenders available. The Model S Extender Traction system that we offer below at andropenis is one that has actually resolved customers’ problems with all the rod-based systems. Rod-style systems are were a good initial effort.
While they do have some non-zero worth, there were absolutely improvements that we made to it to assure that you can accomplish success. Several of these factors are as complies with: The extender device requires to be totally unseen to make sure that it can be utilized in public. This is definitely required since given the demand that the product requires to be worn for extended periods of time (preferably 8 hours a day), the item usage ought to revolve around your life not the other way around
This is because the Model contains just two almosts all of that take less than 30 secs to place on and also take off combined. One more problem with extenders is that they are notorious for slipping off, specifically at the most awful times. The Model address this problem by using a flexible, elastic silicone polymer cover that completely blends as well as grips the base of your penis glans for a wonderful grasp without pressing the hell out of your penis. To see more factors on how the Model tool has actually surpassed the status look into this web page below. his extenders style is rather obvious.
There are two metal poles that run along the sides that extend the penis.
Longer rods as well as springs are set up when you wish to change the quantity of force put on your penis. To place it on, you: Set the preferred stretching force by choosing the appropriate rod and spring size.
Place your flaccid penis inside the tool. Secure your penis down at the glans with the noose. Place your undergarments as well as pants on over the tool. Penis Extender Quality Extender quality is essential. That’s due to the fact that you need to use it for about 16 weeks to see dimension gains. So you don’t want an extender that blacks out after week 2. Right here’s what issues for high quality: Important Quality Factors
Number of Parts: You want much less parts – much less complicated. Little Parts: You do not want tiny parts (could obtain shed). Material: You desire medical grade materials that are risk-free to touch. All extenders should be making use of medical grade silicone rubber for their pulps.

Buyer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ANDROPENIS
Can I wear them under my pants?
Response: Depends on which extender you purchase. Some are much better at this than various other.
Are extenders risk-free?
Answer: Yes. When used appropriately.
The length of time do I need to use it each day?
Answer: You must utilize it for 6 hrs every day.
Are extender outcomes long-term?
Answer: Yes, they will last for life.
The length of time till I see results?
Response: Most customers report that it only takes a couple weeks to start seeing outcomes.
How much time should I wear an extender every day?
Response: We advise in between 3-6 hrs overall, each day.
Will both drooping as well as set up size increase?
Response: Yes, both will certainly enhance.
If I stop using a penis extender, will I shed my gains?
Response: No. The extender device enhances the overall number of penile cells to make sure that added mass will certainly stay permanently.
Can I wear a penis extender in bed?
Answer: Yes, if it does not disrupt your rest.
Can penis extenders add girth gains?
Answer: Yes, to a small level. The extensive nature of the extender additionally stretches the penis exterior.
Will utilizing a penis extender provide me weaker erections?
Answer: No, actually, many individuals report more challenging, fuller erections.
Just how old do I have to be to use a penis extender?
Response: You need to go to the very least over 18 years of age.
Using a Penis Extender to Treat Peyronie’s Disease
Peyronie’s disease is when your penis contours when set up and is not straight.
While the condition is not dangerous, it is the source of self-esteem problems along with perhaps raising intercourse problem.
It hss been clinically confirmed that penis extenders work treatments to treat the curvature as a result of Peyronie’s Disease.
Normally, the time framework to see a decrease in curvature gets on the order of 6 months to a year.
Peyronie’s Disease is very tough to take care of. Luckily, extenders work therapies to straighten the curvature.
Penis Extender Safety Guide
Why is safety vital?
Your penis is more precious than you believe.
You urinate, on average, at the very least two times a day. You also utilize it to replicate.
Just assume exactly how hard life would be if you could not do any of these points.
Likewise, your self-confidence wouuld fall apart if your penis didn’t function properly.

That’s why this guide is absolutely essential that your read, not only to maximize gains, but also to ensure correct penile health for your whole life.
The Risks of Using a ANDROPENIS Penis Extender

Any kind of risks that exist are only based on the customer (you).
This is a really various circumstance contrasted to other medical treatments.
The physician isn’t providing you a therapy, you’re utilizing the extender on your own!
Externally, this may seem like a poor thing, but I view it as a great thing.
That’s because, as the claiming goes: «If you want something done, you have to do it on your own!».
That’s not to state doctor’s can not do a great task with any kind of surgeries, but like we’ve covered before, penis extender surgery success prices are incredibly low and the danger threats are very high.

he is very easy to adhere to, he does not use an extender for the penis
Do not go for more than 8 hours daily.
Just do not stretch for more than 8 hours a day, simple policy to follow.
A common idea that most guys do is to believe that «if I stretch more, after that I will win more»
This might not be better from the reality.
Nonetheless, after a particular factor (around 6 hours daily), there are no gains that can be achieved if you stretch greater than this point.
Extending is not the only thing that actually contributes to the actual growth of the penis. It is what makes development occur.
What truly makes the penis expand is when much more penile cell cells starts to show up because of cell hyperplasia.
Currently, if you go for a lot of the day (greater than 8 hours), you are not offering your body time to rebuild cells with hyperplasia.
To put it simply, you are not letting the fabric settle even more and also stronger than previously.
In a sense, this is the same as muscle bodybuilding.
Just proper nourishment and adequate rest after an exercise is what permits you to expand more.
This is a fundamental concept of the natural augmentation of the penis.
Do not extend way too much to cause acute pain.
Acute pain is a clear indicator that you are utilizing an inaccurate penis extender.
Discomfort is your body’s all-natural alarm system that tells you something is wrong.
Then do not neglect it.
Also in body building and weight training, although there is discomfort during actual training, there is really no «.
he Easy to Follow, Dont’s of Using a Penis Extender
Do not go for more than 8 hours a day.
Just don’t go for more than 8 hours a day – easy regulation to comply with.
A typical thought that a lot of men do is assume that «if I stretch extra, after that I will certainly gain much more.»
This couldn’t be farther from the fact.
Nevertheless, after a certain point (at around 6 hours each day), there are no gains that can be achieved if you were to extend greater than this point.
Stretching is not the only thing that in fact contributes to the real growth of the penis. It’s what triggers the growth to take place.
What actually expands the penis is when a lot more penis cell cells actually begins to show up as a result of cell hyperplasia.
Currently, if you stretch claim for most of the day (higher than 8 hrs), you’re not giving your body time to really develop back the cells with hyperplasia.
Simply put, you’re not letting the cells does not develop itself up larger and also stronger than in the past.
In a feeling, this is the same as muscle mass bodybuilding.
Only appropriate nutrition and adequate rest after an exercise is what permits you to grow larger.
This is a basic concept of natural penile enlargement.
Do not stretch too tough to create pain.
Acute pain is a clear signal that you’re utilizing a penis extender wrong.
Pain is your body’s natural alarm system that tells you that something is wrong.
So don’t neglect it.
Also in body building, and also weight training, while there is discomfort during the actual training, there is really no «real» pain that the body is experiencing. Instead the pain (and also if you wish to call it pain) is short-lived and also will ultimately vanish.
Also in penis enlargement training, if the pain is short-lived after that it’s good pain that is adding to your training.
Nevertheless, if it is sharp pain that plainly feels incorrect and makes you want to stop, virtually like tortorous pain, then certainly stop.
Something is wrong here and that’s your body’s security system going off.
We very don’t advise utilizing an extender while you rest.
Making use of one while you rest, can be a great means to multitask to aid obtain gains, yet I discourage doing it.
The main reason against using a penis etender while resting doesn’t truly pertain to the safety of your penis – but instead the general health and wellness of your whole body:
Your sleep top quality.
That’s right, rest is something that is typically ignored.
The point is, extenders can create a sense of discomfort while resting, which lowers the quality of your rest and also the capacity for you to sleep.
As a result, most guys will locate that they will be very tired in the morning.
That’s why we very do not advise using the extender while resting if it does affect your sleep, even to a little level.
We do not suggest sacrificing rest high quality to use a penis extender during the night.
Most likely the only exception is if you’re a hefty sleeper and won’t be disrupted by it.

In Conclusion
Penis extenders are the ideal devices that will assure your penis extending success.
They aid you in your penis training by allowing you to go for longer without affecting your day-to-day lifestyle.
They have actually been clinically shown to work as well as since all males are the same, there’s no reason it should not help you too.
We covered the different sorts of extender systems (pulling and rod-based) how to utilize them.
We likewise evaluated the most popular extenders as well as what to anticipate when wearing them.
You’re well on your method to getting a bigger penis in a snap, just as 10s of countless men have done prior to you.
To look into the andropenis extender, which was created for your customer experience (outcomes, comfort, stealth), you can find out more regarding it here.

Aiming to add some length to your penis by extending?
You’re in the best area. Or go right here if you intend to target girth instead.
The biggest benefit of penis stretching exercises is that they’re complimentary.
Here are the leading 10 penis stretching exercises as well as how to do them.
Just how To Warm-up And Why should you do workouts? 2 crucial reasons.
Stop injury Maximize results Just like warming up at the gym, you workout your penile tissues to reduce and prepare these cells for the stress. The very best means to warm-up for stretching is to use warm to your penis.
The most hassle-free means, yet one way is to cover a warm, damp washcloth around your penis for 1-3 minutes.

Why do we need to do this? Take into consideration the two severe cases: remaining in a cold-room, versus being outside in cozy climate. What happens? In the cool area, most people experience «shrinking». Right here the penile tissues are compressing– doing the reverse of what will occur when we intend to extend. In warm, warm climate, most people’ penis will broaden and also optimize their flaccid length. This is the best problem to be training in. Which’s why we «cozy» up. Literally. The Basic Penis Stretch Basic Penis Stretch Step-by-step Grip your penis behind the head as well as gently pull downward. Hold the stretch for roughly 30 secs. Repeat in the adhering to instructions and hold each go for 30 seconds. The Slow Crank Penis Exercise Erection Level: 0 To 50 Percent Recommended Reps: 10 This exercise is extremely similar to the standard penis stretch above. Nevertheless, maintain the tension in the stretch when transitioning to each angle. It’s like slowly cranking your penis in a circle. Slow Crank Step-by-step Stretch your penis directly. Move the stretch to the right; after that right down; then to the left; and after that back up once again– making a complete circle. The circular transformation (complete 360 levels) must last 10-15 secs. A-stretch Penis Exercise Erection Level: 0 TO 50 Percent Recommended Reps: 5 Use a round item, like your lower arm, Red Bull can, or a thick diameter PVC pipe to execute this stretch. A-stretch Step-by-step Grip the penis about one inch listed below the glans as well as draw straight out from the body.
Location the cylindrical object or arm listed below the penis as well as stretch the penis over the object, while concurrently rising on the object.
Hold for fifteen to twenty secs The Bundled Stretch This one just like wringing out a wash-cloth, other than you’re doing it to your penis. You turn your penis 1-3 times to carry out the stretch. Hold the stretch for the provided quantity of time (e.g. 30 secs). Packed Stretch Step-by-step Grab your penis with one hand so you can pack. With that hand, twist your penis to the desired number of rotations that you are mosting likely to be extending with. Protect a hold while bundled just under your glans as you would certainly for any kind of various others.

Aparelho para aumentar o pênis funciona ANDROPENIS noticia 2018

Saúde do Pênis 20 anos no mercado  de Urologia +1,000,000 de utilizadores Satisfeitos

Andromedical é um laboratório urológico que vem investigando tratamentos médicos para aumentar o tamanho do pénis, a doença de Peyronie, prostatectomia, micropênis e da disfunção erétil há 20 anos.


Talvez um artigo com esse nome sequer abra, por causa de seu filtro de spam, mas aí vai: médicos confirmam que o Andropenis (extensor peniano) realmente pode aumentar o tamanho do pênis. O aumento do pênis pode chegar até a 32%.

O Andropenis é um aparelho de tração usado lá durante, em média, seis horas diárias durante seis meses. E, de acordo com os médicos, além de seguro e efetivo para aumentar pênis, o aparelho pode aumentar a duração da ereção.

Então, o aparelho pode ser exatamente o que você estava procurando – claro que ele parece algo saído de uma câmara de totura medieval, mas isso é outra história.

Muitos homens desejam aumentar seu penis de tamanho, a ponto de ser praticamente uma obsessão. No entanto, poucos têm o pênis anormalmente pequeno, a ponto de não conseguirem fazer sexo e proporcionar prazer à sua parceira.

A ansiedade sobre o tamanho de seu pênis é chamada dismorfofobia peniana, e é comum ao redor do mundo – principalmente em homens que assistem pornografia e comparam seu tamanho com o dos atores do “filme”.

Não há consenso sobre o tamanho de pênis “normal”, mas estima-se que as medidas padrão sejam em torno de 8 cm quando está flácido e 15 cm quando está ereto.

O sentimento de inadequação, geralmente infundado, leva homens a procurarem soluções malucas para o problema, como cirurgia. A cirurgia é completamente arriscada e, de acordo com urologistas, tem um alto nível de insatisfação com os resultados. Normalmente, os médicos desconsideram a opção.

Com esperanças de encontrar uma solução não-cirúrgica para homens com tamanhos de pênis menores que 6 cm (quando ereto), o urologista Paolo Gontero, junto de seu time de médicos, decidiu testar os aparelhos vendidos no mercado.

O grupo recrutou 15 voluntários motivados a passar pela experiência de aumento peniano e os instruiu a usar um aparelho durante seis meses. De acordo com as instruções do fabricante, os participantes aumentaram a tração do aparelho progressivamente. O aumento foi maior nos primeiros meses, depois ficou estável.

Em média, o tamanho dos voluntários aumentou em 32% (2,54 cm). Segundo Gontero, o aparelho funciona bem para aqueles homens que têm um tamanho normal, mas estão convencidos do contrário.

O estudo não perguntou às parceiras dos voluntários se elas estavam felizes com a mudança.

Se você, no entanto, acha que a idéia de ficar com um aparelho pendurado em seu pênis durante seis horas, todo o dia, algo bizarro, há uma equipe de urologistas que concordam com você. Muitos já trataram de pacientes que se machucaram tentando aumentar o tamanho do pênis com métodos desse tipo – muita tração, ou até mesmo aquelas bombas de pressão – e muitos dos danos são permanentes.

Gontero diz que, se o método foi seguido corretamente e, se o aumento de pressão for gradual não há problema. Ele alerta, no entanto, que o usuário não deve dormir usando o aparelho. Também ressalta que cremes e hormônios que prometem aumento de penis em tamanho são perigosos e não devem ser usados. [Live Science]

andropenis for penis enlargement

O Extensor Peniano Andropenis®

Andropenis e o Androextender são aparelhos de tração para o aumento do pénis. Estes extensores para o pénis são um método eficaz e seguro para o aumento do tamanho do pénis (BJUI).

A partir de €99 / $99




Andropeyronie ProCurvature Correction and Peyronies review 2018

andropeyronie Peyronie’s & Penile Curvature Correction Edition


Why Choose Andropeyronie Curvature Correction Edition?

The Andropeyronie Penile Curvature Correction Edition is the recommended choice for men worldwide who are looking to straighten their penis.

Including tension springs which are specifically calibrated to counter penile curvature as well as updated medical quality memory foam pads, this innovative package incorporates the proven technology of penis grip along with an effective supplement to safely and swiftly correct both penile curvature as well as peyronies illness. This plan is backed by a 2 month money back guarantee that guarantees your full fulfillment.

Very first step
As soon as you get the Andropeyronie system, get accustomed to the gadget as well as check out the directions thoroughly

Second Step
The Andropeyronie device is worn in a flaccid state as well as will put small tension on your penis, pulling it ahead

3rd Step
As you continue to wear the device, your penile curvature will slowly be fixed

Fourth Step
As soon as satisfied with the outcomes obtained by using the Andropeyronie, you can quit making use of

the device.

Shipping info.
Delivery is 100% very discreet and also confidential. Plans are shipped in a plain brown box without any description of the materials, site or trademark name. It is safe to ship to home or work address. We ship to armed forces addresses. We deliver to upload office also without PO Box, please telephone call customer service. Tracking information is emailed 24h after purchase. Air shipping method does not offer monitoring numbers.

Andropeyronie Device Preassembled the FDA Generation Andropeyronie Penis Extender Device. Ergonomic Contoured Base. One-of-a-kind base shaped to adapt any kind of type of body or dimension. Money Back Guarantee Andropeyronie Risk Free 1. Calibrated Spring Smart Tension self readjusting force springtime tension.

Specialized Storage Case A premium storage situation for the gadget and also all consisted of devices. Aluminum Pivots Designed for smooth 180 level movement. Medium Aluminum Bars 2 accuracy crafted top quality tool bars. Silicon Tubes. Memory Foam Upgrade. Light Weight Aluminum Spring Assembly Precision engineered spring packed aluminum assembly. Large Aluminum Bars 4 precision engineered excellent quality medium bars. Little Aluminum Rods 6 accuracy engineered top quality aluminum poles. Traveling Pouch Rugged hassle-free traveling pouch with lock. James– Chicago, Illinois.

Having a bent penis constantly made me self aware when I was with my sweethearts. Thankfully, I found out about the Andropeyronie Curvature and Peyronies version; it is created to aid make the penis directly, even if your penis curves down and to the left like mine. It only took a couple of weeks to see results and after 3 months it is practically straight. Thanks QEP! Dylan– AZ, USA.

The majority of internet sites just offer a device to make your penis bigger, yet this is one of the only one I found that in fact helped to make them straighter. That helped me choose to purchase it and I’m extremely happy with the outcomes. Not only have I got size as well as girth, however my penis has begun to look straighter, that makes it look even bigger. Thanks for using this product! Chals– UK.

couple of years ago I found my penis started to crinkle and also bend near the pointer during an erection. I never assumed this tiny little curvature would turn into such a massive trouble for me. I in fact thought if I left it alone it would certainly get back to regular on its own yet as time went by as well as I never ever did anything about, it obtained much worse. It ultimately concerned a factor where I couldn’t have penetrative sex any longer due to the fact that it was just so awkward. Your Andropeyronie Peyronies and also Curvature Correction Edition was precisely what I needed. Nothing else package consists of numerous extras such as the Vitamin E, the exceptional memory foam cushioning, confort band support, measuring tape, excellent pressure stress springtimes and the list takes place. After just a few weeks of putting on the gadget I saw my curve started to straighten out. Progressively throughout 4 months total I handled to remedy over 80% of the whole curvature. I’m able to make love easily now with no pain. I will remain to use the device and also see exactly how far I can align my penis out as well as I’ll email an update in a few months time. Thanks! Frank– MN, USA.

I purchased your Peyronies as well as Curvature plan yet was humiliated to deliver to my residence. The representative on the phone told me it was alright due to the fact that you individuals do not claim what’s on package yet I still sent it to my P.O. Box. I got on a Monday and also got the plan Wednesday on the 1– 2 day delivery option. I like your service, it was extremely specialist. I like the individual I spoke to on the phone and I like how quick I obtained my things. You men have a great solution so I’m expecting this point to make my dick straighter. Thanks a whole lot. Seed, KY– USA.

My penis has an annoying down curvature that’s been with me for like permanently. It actually sucks and looks actually negative. The curvature edition is pretty good for the money. The device feels like top quality and the manual is easy to comply with. This is a great kit and also has a couple of bonuses like vitamins and a gauging tape as well. With whatever that it featured and also after utilizing it for regarding 2 1/2 months my curvature is gone and also my penis is completely straight. This thing functions as well as if you want to lose your curve get this plan. I absolutely suggest it. Many Thanks John MN– USA.

Super quick distribution and also box is not claiming what’s inside. Overall I obtained ta say purchasing on your website is excellent. If you require something these people can supply. Thanks men. Mark– WI, USA.

Andropeyronie Edition has actually visibly corrected my contour. It includes size by aligning and growing as well as likewise lowers the uncomfortable aspect of sex with my sweetheart. It has been a month and also currently I really feel improvement. Tool fits to wear for extended periods which I was fretted about checking out reviews of other brand names. It’s working and also there’s no problems, I am a satisfied customer. Wein– CA, USA.

I have an unpleasant curve which I constantly assumed would be untreatable– not so with QEP Curve! For months I have actually seen my inconsistency gradually going away. It is so efficient I have hope that I will certainly be totally typical within a year. I have actually seen enhanced size as my penis has actually corrected. It is so easy to comply with the strategy and also continue this improvement to my life. Lee– NJ, USA.

I’ve started making use of the Andropeyronie Peyronies Edition and I am amazed by the comfort. The adaptation period was good to obtain utilized to wearing it according to my day-to-day routine. The ordering as well as delivery was really streamlined as well as very discreet and I value just how sophisticated Andropeyronie’s way of doing business has been so far. I obtained the unmarked plan without any indicator of what was within as well as I obtained it on time to begin addressing my Peyronies instantly. I will certainly state some might choose to use the single tube a bit longer than recommended at the start yet I am now making use of both as well as it is added comfortable. I can feel the difficult knotted cells in my shaft lastly vanishing and I eagerly anticipate the months in advance. Ronald– AZ, USA.

I have suffered with uncomfortable, interrupted sex in my partnerships as a result of the discomfort my curve creates for both me as well as partners I have been with. My contour is sideways as well as few positions permit me to suffer long sex, which includes in embarrassment. The Andropeyronie has had amazing effects to retrieve me from this condition. In around two months of constant use I have actually seen at least a 60% straightening. Discomfort is gone throughout sex now and also I can ultimately begin taking pleasure in longer sessions. Marihanet, Saudi Arabia

The Curvature as well as Peyronies Andropeyronie is the repair for your curving erection. I have tried difficult workouts as well as tablets and been really disappointed with all the methods that promise and also don’t provide. Curvature as well as Peyronies has actually been an exceptional acquisition, as well as the team of customer service has been most valuable to assist me with using the item. I have seen wonderful results and also my curvature is already fixing. Karl, Mumbai– India.

Generally pleased with this product. I purchased this item prior to the weekend break and also unfortunately it did not show up for a week. That is longer than 4– 5 days. That is inappropriate for arrival. I have it currently and also it is working fine, very easy to ware, not awkward. I feel even more weight in my penis already, which looks like an excellent indication. Please remedy your shipping times. George– CA, USA.

I such as the Andropeyronie Peyronies Edition, it has actually assisted my partnership substantially as I can last much longer because the pain of exertion with my contour has been greatly diminished over the months of use. One thing regarding the tool I need to grumble about is the springs seem to have actually lost some tension given that I began utilizing it regarding 7 months back. I would appreciate longer use of the item at maximum efficiency. I use it each day as well as want to proceed improving my curvature.

Precious Valued Customer,.
Over time the springs will certainly shed resistance. We understand you might wish the springs to last much longer. Nevertheless, even though we use the best products, they will normally deteriorate in time. Your package, The Peyronies and also Curvature Correction Edition, consists of an extra set of high stress springs that you might use to change in your gadget. Instructions on just how to replace them are included in your manual but if you would such as more support, you might call our assistance line toll complimentary 800– 246– 1387.

Mell– FL, USA.
What can I claim concerning the Andropeyronie o Curve Edition, it’s the service for individuals like me experiencing peyronies disease. The plaque that causes my penis to contour when put up is not treatable by any kind of other means. Andropeyronie’s grip gadget is doing the job. I’ve had it for a year now and I like it as well as what it’s done for me. My erections are straighter and also much longer as well as I really feel extra complete. Precisely what I wanted when I acquired. Don, Vancouver.

I purchased a Andropeyronie due to the fact that they marketed me on respect for my privacy. My curved penis problem is not something I want my close friends as well as neighbors to find out about, and also QEP ensured my plan was sent unmarked with their holding business’s name on the cost and the box, so its components stayed unclear. I appreciate this as it was my major worry to making the move to fix my problem. If you are likewise stressed over maintaining your privacy I would advise buying from QEP. Jay– WA, USA.

Lots of items assure insurance claims that don’t live up to expectations yet I was amazed by this item’s ability to measure up to its warranty. I have been dutifully complying with the directions for a couple months and also the results are unusual– not just that my curvature is disappearing week after week yet I additionally have acquired girth and length (length from the aligning AND from the traction?) because time. This tool is the remedy I was searching for years as well as for any individual like me I would very suggest providing it a try. Salam– MI, USA.

I have had a contour all my life so I really did not anticipate such quick results. Truthfully the Andropeyronie version has actually already significantly corrected my curve in a month of diligent use. I truthfully can not believe how quick this is helping me, as well as it keeps improving. Peter– MO, USA.

I require outcomes quick. I opened Andropeyronie Curve Peyronies as well as after only a pair minutes of examining the directions it made best feeling. Extremely very easy process, easy to comply with plan, and also I’m currently seeing results after a few weeks. I value they made a product that I can utilize today without issues. If you’re trying to find something without any nonsense that simply works, I ‘d advise Andropeyronie Curve adjustment. Juan– London, UK.

The Curve as well as Peyronies plan is a good deal. I have actually been using it for weeks as well as it is super comfortable. When I found out the proper means to use it to the direction of my contour, I had the ability to wear it around your house and also obtained so used to it existing that I really did not also feel it after a while. There are foam pads around 2 bands so it couldn’t be a lot more padded. I have no difficulty using it for long periods, which I understand helps also faster outcomes. Abel– Mansfield, UK.

Damaged part! I got my order and inside among the parts ran out place as well as I can not get rid of the head of the gadget to repair it!

ANDROPEYRONIE — The Proven Science of Penis Traction

Penis Traction is the technique used by the ANDROPEYRONIE to safely and properly expand your penis. Below is a thorough description describing the penis augmentation process as well as phases your body will experience throughout the ANDROPEYRONIE program.

Key Points of How The ANDROPEYRONIE Works:
Based upon the Science of Penis Traction
Advertises Cellular Growth
Symmetrical growth in both size and girth
Painless natural gains
Exclusive DSS Enhanced Comfort Technology
The Enlargement Process– ANDROPEYRONIE Works in 3 Simple as well as Easy Steps

Action 1 Wear your Penile Traction Device.
A penis extender functions by applying a consistent light stretch to your penis on a daily basis.

This stretching action is a kind of tension applied to the penis called «penis traction» which is the really basis behind the scientific research of the ANDROPEYRONIE device. The procedure is painless and also does not interfere with the normal features of your penis.

Step 2 Microscopic Tears.
Revealing the penis to a continuous traction (Using the ANDROPEYRONIE’s specifically calibrated tension system) tiny rips will certainly begin to develop along the shaft. The process is completely pain complimentary.

The rips will not show up to the nude eye as well as can only be translucented magnification. As these splits take place regularly along the course of the treatment, your body will recognize the spaces created in the penis cells. As a kind of healing, your penis will begin to repair itself by going through a procedure known as «mitosis» complied with by «cytokenesis».

Step 3 Healing Process: Mitosis & Cytokenesis.
Mitosis happens when cells within the existing penis cells start to divide, known as cellular division, where one cell separates right into 2. The penis tissue cells will certainly separate over and also over once more to fill in the voids (rips) triggered by the penile traction procedure. Enlargement can be seen in both length and girth (thickness).

In the easiest sense, the core of a cell splits within itself after that divides in two, each consisting of a mirror picture of the original core. The splitting of the two cells, when the center has actually split, is called cytokinesis, the final stages of cellular division and tissue development. The cells will swiftly divide over the course of the treatment and will develop new cells for a longer and also bigger penis.

Result Natural Penis Enlargement.
The penile grip process is not uncomfortable whatsoever since it contains a small mild stress applied in time.

As a ANDROPEYRONIE individual, you reach selected just how much traction/tension you wish to relate to your penis and also how many hrs you would like to use it. We provide a selection of advisable programs in the user’s manuals, however you may picked to customize the program to suit your requirements.

What makes the ANDROPEYRONIE Different?
The ANDROPEYRONIE includes the unic confort band system. The special DSS support piece enables the circulation of strain on to 2 separate silicone tubes, spreading it along the shaft of your penis as well as removing discomfort.

The addition of two silicon bands also makes sure that the appropriate tension needed on the penis stays continuous and also removes all opportunity of slippage. Unlike other penis extenders with so called «convenience straps» our medical grade comfort pads enable much better flow within the penis. Correct circulation is important to promoting mitosis and cytokinesis bring about penis augmentation.

Medical Journal Abstracts.
Revision of penile prosthesis surgery after use of penile traction therapy to enhance erect penile size: situation report and also testimonial of the literature.

Moskovic DJ, Pastuszak AW, Lipshultz LI, Khera M. J Sex Med. 2011 Feb; 8( 2 ):607– 11. doi: 10.1111/ j. 1743– 6109.2010.02121.x. Epub 2010 Nov 22. Review. Non-invasive approaches of penile lengthening: fact or fiction?

Oderda M, Gontero P. BJU Int. 2010 Sep 24. doi: 10.1111/ j. 1464– 410X.2010.09647.x. [Epub in advance of print] Use penile extender device in the treatment of penile curvature as an outcome of Peyronie’s condition. Outcomes of a phase II possible research.

Gontero P, Di Marco M, Giubilei G, Bartoletti R, Pappagallo G, Tizzani A, Mondaini N. J Sex Med. 2009 Feb; 6( 2 ):558– 66. Epub 2008 Dec 2. PMID: 19138361 [PubMed– indexed for MEDLINE] A pilot phase-II possible study to examine the ‘efficiency’ and also tolerability of a penile-extender device in the therapy of ‘short penis’.

Gontero P, Di Marco M, Giubilei G, Bartoletti R, Pappagallo G, Tizzani A, Mondaini N. BJU Int. 2009 Mar; 103( 6 ):793– 7. Epub 2008 Oct 16. PMID: 18990153 [PubMed– indexed for MEDLINE] Penile prolongation and also thickening– a misconception? Exists a cosmetic or medical indication? Austoni E, Guarneri A, Gatti G. Andrologia. 1999; 31 Suppl 1:45– 51. Evaluation.

Testimonials & Success Stories. ANDROPENIS.
If you are presently using the ANDROPENIS done so in the past, do not hesitate share a consumer review.

Reviews are an excellent means to be associated with our area as well as to help spread the word on a product that functions. Remember that we value your privacy and also will certainly not display any of your individual info without your approval.

From: Steve e-mail, Houston, Texas).
I’ve been using the ANDROPENIS for 2 months now and also am extremely please with the outcomes thus far. I complied with the directions as well as am doing every little thing by the publication. In 2 months, my penis has expanded from 6.2 inches to 6.7 inches. Better yet, my erections are much tougher then they utilized to be and also I discover that I last longer in bed. I’m actually glad I discovered you people and chose to give the extender a shot. I’m going to maintain it up until I get my 8 inches! Thank you!

From: Brams, (Via Email, Long Beach, California).
Hey Guys,.
I ordered the ANDROPENIS a few months earlier and also began using it immediately. I obtained the deluxe conventional edition as well as discover it to be an easy to wear. I’ve been wearing it for around 60 days and also I’m shocked. I’ve already gotten fifty percent as well as inch in size using the ANDROPENIS for just 2 hours a day not consisting of weekend breaks. My erections are harder and also I obtained some girth too. I’m mosting likely to bump up my usage time and also offer you guys an update soon! Many thanks again!

From: N,., (Via Email, Long Beach, California).
Thank you for your item! I believe it is the very best on the marketplace, especially for the price. I acquired practically an inch after 2 months (soft), and also half an inch (erect). It has offered me an entire brand-new level of self confidence, and also improved my sex-related feature!

From: Jack ( Email, Ottawa Ontario Canada)

I would like to claim that I am a 31 years of age man from Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Like a lot of men I was ashamed of my penile dimension which was 5.5″ set up. I discovered your site and like others did my research study and discovered that all various other sites offering penis extenders were method to expensive. I’m glad to locate this site and also chose to offer it a shot therefore this would certainly be my last hope at lengthening my penis, in conclusion I would love to thank you individuals for making such a terrific product that actually works and also is not a trick since I never ever thought penile augmentation was feasible without a procedure. I went from 5.5″ to 5.75″ set up in approx. 2 weeks so I’m proud to state that I am now almost 6″ erect and also will certainly not stop up until am completely satisfied, I feel the difference therefore does my woman buddy and also it has actually added so much more sensitivity to my penis and really fast erections at virtually absolutely nothing. So thanks and also keep up the great..

From: Albert( via Email, New York, New York).
Here is a testimonial for your site,.
I am 28 year old male and I work at the hospital. After weeks of research study i decided to try the ANDROPENIS. The scientific research behind it made good sense to me. So I bought it and obtained it in a few days. The first time I placed it on, I felt that this was absolutely the right choice. I made the effort to measure as well as made a decision to keep an eye on every little thing like it states it the pamphlet. I initially observed a change at regarding 2 weeks. Mainly in my erect dimension. I went from 4.8 inches to 4.95 in 2 weeks using it just for around 2 hours a day. The outcomes were urging so I began to utilize it for between 3– 4 hours a day and it became a part of my routine. 3 Months later my set up dimension is at 5.7 inches and I couldn’t be more fired up.

The majority of my close friends aren’t also happy with 6 or 7 inch penises but for me, I would of been more than satisfied with that said. It was really a big offer for me to be mindful that my dimension just wouldn’t suffice. I went from being little and humiliated to being close to typical and also pleased. I’m mosting likely to keep going until I feel completely satisfied with my size. I never ever would of thought in a million years that I might really change the dimension of my penis. Thanks for such a terrific item and also maintain the good work..

From: Chris, (through Email, Los Angeles).
Dear Crew,.
Well I acquired this product a month earlier as well as I want to state I am exceptionally pleased with the results I have actually gotten, I went from 6 inches to about 6.25 in erect size in only a month!!! I will certainly be in contact to disclose my outcome. Thank you for such a terrific product as well as keep up the great.

From: David, (via Email, New York).
I acquired your ANDROPENIS version extender 2 months ago and intended to email you individuals to allow you understand exactly how things were going. First of all, i wish to state the bonus offers were most definitely worth the cash. I have not ended up enjoying all the DVD’s however have actually discovered a great deal so far. The pump works excellent and also actually aids me remain harder than normal. I’m delighted I have all the spare components that I’ll ever need so I don’t have to spend anymore money.

I’ve been using the ANDROPENIS for about 3 hours a day religiously in the evening while on the sofa watching TV. So far, i’m honored to report that I’ve gotten an overall of 1/2 an inch in length as well as some girth (I haven’t been gauging my girth my I recognize it has absolutely gotten thicker). I’m truly amazed at just how much I’ve acquired in just 2 months. Many thanks once more and also look out for an update in a few even more months!.

From: Hans Email in the UK.
Outstanding piece of kit. Have actually been making use of for around 5 weeks and have actually went from 7.25 inches hard to 8.1 inches hard. There is a considerable difference in girth of my penis when drooping and also a difference when hard. I have not complied with a hourly daily plan however have guaranteed that I utilize it for no much less than 4hrs a day. Since my penis is completely gotten used to the development procedure and also coupled with the konfort band can comfortably put on the device for numerous hrs a day. Yesterday I had it on for 6hrs without breaks in the evening before I went to sleep. Overall this is exceptional as well as only desire that I had actually stumbled upon the ANDROPENIS a lot earlier. Thanks very much.

From: Al, (through Email, Chicago).
I discovered your website while searching Google for info on penis enlargement surgical procedure. I found the principle intriguing and given that the rate was right and also there was a 30 day refund guarantee, I decided to try. After reading the brochure that comes with the tool, I decided to wear it at nights while seeing TELEVISION in bed. I’m a big film aficionado so I put on the device whenever I enjoy a movie, I figured that would certainly be a good way of neglecting that had it on. 30 days and also concerning 20 movies later on, I’m in fact impressed that my erections are fuller and also i’m virtually sure I gained some dimension also. I really did not trouble to measure my penis prior to because I had not been encouraged it would certainly function. I’m thinking about using it regularly to accelerate the process, the outcomes so far have been urging. I’ll be sure to keep you published!

From: Jaease (through Email, Houston).
I bought your product due to the confort band at you are advertising. It only made good sense that it would certainly hold the penis much better with 2 straps. It has actually been close to 6 months that I have been utilizing the ANDROPENIS. My preliminary size was a little over 4 inches erect. I’ve grown about 2.5 inches in 6 months so i’m finally in the «typical» array. This in fact aided my sexual self-confidence, I made use of to constantly question if girls were «devising» to make me satisfied. I wish to gain a few even more inches to be above average however I assume i’ll be taking a break for now. Many thanks for your aid and also honesty!

The 3 Golden Rules of Shopping for Penis Extenders

The penis enlargement industry has seen an unprecedented growth in recent years. This trend has as much to do with the growing number of men who are unhappy about the size of their

manhood as it does with the fact that we’re finally speaking more openly about the issue. As a result, manufacturers have flooded the market with different models of penis extenders. They are also more affordable than ever, which makes penis extenders the go-to choice for men looking to increase the size of their penis.

However, most shoppers make the mistake of comparing penis extenders solely based on their price. While this might be a good strategy for most types of products, with penis extenders it’s probably one of the last things you should consider. As with any other product, there are plenty of budget-friendly penis extenders whose manufacturers make dubious claims about their efficiency and the results they’ll deliver. Not only are these claims almost always untrue, but the products also tend to be very unsafe.

If you’re planning on buying a traction device to add some length to your penis, here’s our list of the three golden rules all shoppers should have in mind. Follow these steps to make sure you’re getting a safe, tested, and reliable product that will solve your problems and improve your sex life for good.

From: A, (via Email, Dallas).
I wished to say your item is awesome. I have actually never ever felt extra tough as well as thick. And i in fact obtained lead to girth after the initial number of weeks. I simply wanted to say thank you for inventing the ANDROPENIS Keep up the great!

From: Juan Email, Atlanta, Georgia.
Hello there, I’ve been utilizing this almost a month because i bought it. I use it 1 hour daily, initially it was hard to use the silicone tubes, yet after a few days, that was no worry. In fact this confort band is an excellent new concept, it’s so comfortable, like it states, a lot more stress, less discomfort and quicker results. Regarding me I was 5.5 inches, currently, with 1 month of daily use of 1– 2 hours I’ve obtained fifty percent and also Inch, so I’m currently 6 inches long. I am really satisfied with the results. I’ll keep on going, I wish I can reach 8 or perhaps a lot more, 10 would be perfect to me. Regards.

From: M.T., (from London, England).
I bought my cot with your internet site. I am 39 years old. After 4 weeks I have actually observed substantial modifications in my penis. Firstly my erections are rock tough once again as well as remain hard without much initiative for much longer. Before using this tool I was battling to get a complete erection and also preserve an erection so I am really delighted with this. My penis is absolutely thicker and fuller. Prior to it was doing not have extensive however considering that using this gadget it is extra round boosting my girth. Before using this device I might pump my penis in an air pump to 5.85 inches. After 4 weeks I have the ability to accomplish 6.20 inches in the vacuum pump so my penis is getting longer also. I find the vacuum pump method of gauging the penis an extra trusted approach for comparison. In general, I am very happy up until now. Lots of many thanks!

From: Douglas. M (San Francisco).
Ok, I simply completed the third month with my ANDROPENIS, I acquired the brand-new tool they are selling the internet site. All I can say is that i am pretty pleased! 1 inch in size has actually now been added to my erections and also I could not be more pleased. A little note to possible customers, don’t be manly and also READ THE MANUAL. I was having a hard time to put the extender on at first, up until I observed that there are images of exactly how to do it. Anyways, terrific product, thanks!

From: Private, (Toronto, Canada).
I never believed anything in this globe could make my penis larger. I believed every little thing was a myth, from pills to lotions to spots. I took a chance got a ANDROPENIS after seeing an advertisement in a men’s publication. I figured I had absolutely nothing to lose, there is a 30 days money back assure To my shock I obtained your plan three days after my order was placed. It’s been 2 weeks given that I first started using it. My penis really feels larger and also thicker already and my erections are harder too! I’m expecting proceed the program and also see what else this point can do for me!

From: Job, (Denver).
My other half purchased me a ANDROPENIS for my birthday, I thought it was a joke in the beginning, now i’m assuming it existed for her! To be entirely honest I’m not really a little dimension guy, erect at around 6 1/2 inches. I never ever assumed she felt my penis was small but clarified to me in a gentle manner in which I was incapable to reach her g’ spot because I was too short. I had no suggestion where it was and never reached it with my finger. With the aid of the program, it took 6 months of periodic use and also I now stand at 8 inches set up. I’m lastly able to strike her g-spot in any kind of position and also she is defiantly satisfied with my gains.

From: S. L., (Washington).
I’ve been utilizing this new extender for 2 months currently. I should say that it is means comfier than the older variation I had actually been using. This does not diminish like the other ones do. The systems are smoother than the last extender I had, it feels even more durable overall. I can wear it for longer due to the fact that It doesn’t injured at all, so i’m actually getting significantly much better outcomes. I often use it for a hr a day and also i’m still obtaining outcomes. This is a great redesign, hats off to the engineers at ANDROPENIS!

Endorsements disclaimer.
Reviews discovered on this site are instances of what the ANDROPENIS has actually done for various other clients, when used according to our workout program. However, we can not guarantee that you will get the exact same lead to any case. Your results might vary as well as every circumstance is various consequently we can not assure results yet we do assure client complete satisfaction. You are safeguarded by our Money Back Guarantee Policy in the case that you’re not satisfied with the performance of the ANDROPENIS.

1. Shop Around to See What Your Options Are

Before you decide what model you’ll go for, you should first see what’s currently available. Your best bet is to visit popular online stores that sell penis extenders and write down the name of each product you think is worth a shot. While at it, also make note of the basic information on each product: the price, the manufacturer, and where you can buy it. After you’ve done that, go through your choices and try to cut your preliminary selection down in half. Then it’s time to learn more about the products you chose.

You can search for reviews of each individual product to find out more about how they work, how much you can expect to gain, and learn about their possible shortcomings. Now, reviews of such products can be very dubious, as more often than not they’re nothing more than a repackaging of the promotional materials supplied by the manufacturer. If the review doesn’t make even a passing mention of at least one shortcoming of the product — no matter how small it may be — it’s probably a fake review.

This is why you should check out dedicated message boards and blogs, where people just like you who have actually tried these products write about their experiences. Nothing’s more reliable than a first-person article that explains exactly how a specific product works. If a review you’ve found comes off as too generic, as if it could have been written about any similar product, chances are the reviewer hasn’t actually tested the device. In that case, look elsewhere until you find the review you know you can trust.

2. Know Who You’re Buying your Penis Extenders From

As a rule, many customers will certainly go to the supplier’s site to buy an item straight from them. It includes its own collection of advantages, consisting of discount rates, special deals, as well as warranties. But the fact that the manufacturer has its very own web site doesn’t by any means confirm that they are trustworthy.

Prior to you purchase anything as well as share your individual details with them, take some time to learn more about the producer whose product you’re interested in acquiring. Check their website to see if there’s any info regarding the company, consisting of some means to call them outside of an email address which any person can create. If the business’s address, or at the very least their phone number, isn’t available on the internet site, it’s as clear a sign as any that you should not do any kind of service with the business.

3. Maintain Your Expectations in Check.
Lastly, it’s vital not to succumb to any kind of outrageous insurance claims regarding how much some penis extenders can expand your penis. Keep your assumptions in check, do not expect anything impractical, as well as you’ll be very happy with the lead to no more than 6.


How to Find Success with Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

Surgical penis enhancement approaches are really harmful. You might be checking out a plethora of side effects, including impotence or boosted sensitivity. Fortunately for you, there are other ways to achieve success, and also raise the size of your penis. That solution is called a penis augmentation device, as well as it can– over a longer duration– completely raise the dimension of the penis.

How to Do It

Unlike the harmful surgical options, these tools do not guarantee you instant results. One needs to wear them for a number of hours every day, for weeks or even months. The outcomes rely on a mix of genes and also appropriate usage. The great feature of these gadgets is that you can use them overnight. There are smaller versions of the device for day-to-day use, however even those versions are visible in particular clothing. If you do not wear the best trousers or you merely neglect that you wear the device, there are no assurances that someone will certainly not see it. If you are only using the device throughout the evening, you don’t need to stress over that facet, and you can select a bulkier layout.


While that was not always the case, these tools have boosted so much throughout the years that they are now reasonably comfy to use. One of the factors for that is the enhanced materials. If you are surrendering 8 to 10 hours of your day, you may as well wear something that really feels good on your skin.


Every little thing works better when you prepare for it. Penis enlargement is no exception. Deep cells massage can heat up the location, and that can minimize the minimal discomfort that occasionally happens while making use of the tool. Some individuals report pain throughout the process while others don’t feel a point, if you belong in the previous team, deep cells massage therapy might have the ability to aid you make it better.

Skin Care

If you have delicate skin, you might wish to use natural lubes and also moisturizer on the location to make it moister. If the skin is at its finest, it is a lot more elastic, and also much better prepared for the succeeding job.

Remaining Motivated, Staying Diligent

Penis enlargement takes months, or sometimes-even years to function. Some people make use of these tools for that lengthy prior to obtaining results. It is essential to maintain on your own inspired throughout the process, also when you do not see fast outcomes. The most possible situation is that it will take weeks before you see any quantifiable difference. When you see the outcomes, you start to have a newfound idea that allows you to put all your energy right into the process, so you can obtain the most out of it. How do you see the outcomes though?

Procedure It

An usual mistake individuals make is not gauging their penis throughout the penis augmentation process. They think that if there is any kind of distinction, they will certainly see it with their own eyes, yet that is an extremely great deal to ask from a brain and optic system that’s understood for not being trustworthy. The clinical procedure does not rely on the human eye, as well as for good factors. In order to have objective, accurate results, you need to gauge on your own frequently. Do not do it as well frequently due to the fact that the absence of quick outcomes might make you examine the procedure, however every week or more weeks is a various proposal. Make it a behavior, as well as see those results on the determining tape.

The Effects

Throughout and after the process, you have a greater chance of experiencing increased sensitivity on the penis, and that can lead to premature climaxing. In many cases, this only lasts for a number of weeks, if also that, yet it could be a momentary problem. If it happens to you, do not be alarmed regarding it, it is most likely not a long lasting result of the procedure however rather a minor aggravation that vanishes with time.

Can Your Diet Dictate Your Penis Size?

We know that’s dietary practices are essential when it pertains to our bodies. What and just how much we eat influences most bodily procedures one way or another. The body’s systems
are connected to each various other, and also one trouble can create a domino effect. Conversely, enhancing the different systems can have a positive influence on the entire body. Restoring the healthy and balanced intestine bacteria, as an example, will certainly assist your digestion, which subsequently helps your energy-balance, as well as most likely your organ system. Several of these results are certainly indirect, but when added up, they can have an excellent overall influence on the body.

Nourishment gas whatever, our organs can not work without the energy we give with the procedure of consuming. If you think of this, it’s not surprising that your dietary behaviors are so impactful. Within our bodies, whatever is gotten in touch with whatever. In young adults and also young people, dietary habits play a big part in the expanding process, and that includes penis size. Natural penis enlargement happens throughout the age of puberty, usually up until the age of 18. Some individuals have actually a totally created penis by the time they are 13, whereas others might see development up till 18, or perhaps even much longer, yet it is straight linked to the hereditary procedure of the age of puberty.

How Does Diet-Based Natural Penis Enlargement Work?
If you assume that consuming habits affecting penis growth is a ridiculous idea, you are not alone. The science is still a little murky on this subject, but we currently understand that early consuming practices may have a relationship with all-natural development. A number of researches verified that teens that consumed a healthy, nutrition-rich diet plan were most likely to reach their maximum predicted height. Nutrition-rich diets help the body optimize its natural growth hormonal agent secretion, a basis for uninterrupted natural growth both in regards to height and also penis size. Healthy eating can likewise improve erections in terms of both blood volume as well as longevity, increasing the dimension of the penis in this way. The most effective wager is to eat a healthy and combined diet plan with lots of veggies and fruits, great resources of fats and carbs, and lean protein sources.

The very best ingredients include eggs, hen breast, and fish as your healthy protein sources, brown rice, sweet potato and quinoa for carbohydrates, nuts like pistachio and walnut, and coconut or olive oil for healthy fats. When it involves vegetables, you can basically eat anything until it is fresh and came from a reputable source. The very same goes with fruits, although you need to check your sugar intake. The basic rule of thumb is to consume as several fruits that you might hold in one hand (not palming it), and also two times the amount of vegetables.

Penis Enlargement Tools
Nutrition does have a function in penis size however functions particularly well if various other aspects are additionally existing. This consists of working out, psychological health and also the reliance on specific devices that can aid you accomplish penis dimension rise. One of the most typical devices are traction tools that can assist boost the size and also size of the penis under long term usage. These devices are different to vacuum tools because they don’t utilize lots of force, rather exert a smaller quantity, yet unlike pumps, you can utilize them for expanded periods, daily. The pumps supply even more of a short-lived option with a stronger erection, yet the lead to penis dimension are not long lasting, actually, in some cases can be entered simple minutes.

Placing It All Together.
You obtain the most effective results if you cover all your bases. This consists of diet regimen, working out, psychological hygiene, being in a good relationship, and having the sources and the will to improve. Penis enlargement is not constantly needed, but if you choose to go after that objective, you need to do the research study and follow your diet plan, and if you use an enhancement device, you need to stay with the treatment plan and be patient, due to the fact that results don’t constantly come immediately. In some cases it takes weeks, months, or even years, but don’t be discouraged if it does not happen today, maintain it.

The Secondary Benefits of Penis Enlargement.
When you think of the advantages of penis enhancement, the initial thing your mind likely goes to is sex itself. With size boost, we mainly expect our sex life to become better, to enjoy the action a bit much more, as well as to be able to give more satisfaction to our partner. Guys are very mindful concerning their penis dimension, a lot more so than their female companions. It is essential for females also, but not nearly as long as guys would certainly assume, or at the very least not for the large bulk of them. The sex-related experience for a lady is much more complex. Sexual activity and emotions play equally as, otherwise an extra vital role than penis size.

Guy and also Confidence.

Guys require self-confidence as much as females do, however we get it from different resources. Our member is one of these resources, as well as our sexual aptitude is a huge part of that. If you have a tendency to review books about self-worth and also self-knowledge, you understand just how it impacts our social acknowledgment and also psychological well-being. Self-esteem is a wonderful thing, as well as similarly to women after bust surgery, guys can really feel similarly after seeing the results of penis enlargers.

Somebody with a high self-esteem normally has much better potential customers in life, primarily due to the fact that they are able to avoid some– or maybe most– of the downsides that feature having low self-worth. A few of these drawbacks consist of isolation, social troubles as well as even depression, which can drag down the lifestyle substantially. When you have high self-esteem, you are more probable to pursue your dreams, to communicate with others and also create deep and also purposeful social as well as charming connections. When you are able to do that, there is likewise a much higher possibility to be the recipient of what should be a high quality sex life.

Advantages of Penis Enlargement.

Penis extneders can help you increase your self-esteem by improving a situation you are very mindful regarding, your penis size. When the prospective problems could include clinical depression and also weight problems, one can say this is not regarding one’s vanity, but prevention. It is also crucial to have practical goals. The average penis size is about 6 inches, which is substantially much shorter than what was believed to be the standard a couple of years ago after the well-known self-reported study appeared.

Actually, the typical penis is around 6 inches in size, and also the assumptions must show that. The large majority of people, who intend to try penis extenders, have a penis around that size or even a little shorter. Making use of these tools can lead to an increase in dimension, which no matter how small might be, still does wonders for someone’s confidence. Guy, who see outcomes, will likely see themselves in a different light with raised self-belief, and that is majority the battle.

Improvements All Around

What we see on the planet of penis extenders is very intriguing. When guys see results, they are most likely to take added action in various areas of their life. It makes a lot of feeling if you think about it. When something positive happens, you are most likely to change other facets also. That can be your diet regimen or training routine, or just your psychological output. Work ethic one more facet that frequently enhances after seeing lead to the sex-related division, and there is a great explanation for this. When a male’s sexual life goes to its best or perhaps just improved, they have extra power, and specific modifications– to the hormonal degree– occur.

They come to be happier and healthier versions of themselves, which is what inevitably need to be the objective, to make an impact all throughout the board, as well as not simply in a single location, no matter exactly how crucial that is. Sex is important, but it is commonly simply the first domino. You ought to constantly establish numerous objectives along with your major one, and also go for a wide-range of favorable changes in every vital aspect of your life, so when added up, you actually have made an adjustment..

Purchasing Penis Enlargement Products? Be cautious of Scams!
If you’ve been struggling with the size of your penis for some time, you’re possibly really excited– some would say hopeless– to locate a penis enlargement product that will aid you address your problem. When buying items on the net you need to pay additional interest in order not to drop sufferer of a person’s intricate scam. The net can be an extremely dark place: for each great, credible vendor, there are at least a few that will certainly quit at absolutely nothing to deceive you into providing your hard-earned cash.

The Scam the entire World Heard About.

To highlight simply exactly how deceiving some sellers on the web are, let’s have a look at an online rip-off that took place in 2014 and also was soon reported on internet sites around the world. One Malaysian guy known just as Ong had actually been deeply dissatisfied with the dimension of his penis, prompting him to acquire a penis enhancement product online. He bought the product in good belief as well as paid $140 for it. When the package arrived a couple of days later on, it had a thing he didn’t expect to find there: a magnifying glass.

Ong quickly filed an issue with the Malaysian Public Service and also Complaint Bureau. As the news of the fraud he was the victim of spread throughout the internet, individuals saved no words to tease him for his innocence. Bewildered by the adverse response, Ong made an additional public statement in which said that, no matter the reality that he got a penis augmentation product, his sole intent was to alert other people of the questionable practices some on the internet vendors turn to in order to deceive their consumers.

He had not been alone in this: according to reports launched at the time, numerous other individuals in Malaysia were the sufferers of various web scams. In 2014 alone, on the internet scammers in Malaysia have actually earned greater than $25,000. In such a way, Ong was lucky due to the fact that at the very least he had actually obtained a package: others were billed for the item yet were never ever sent what they purchased. These online schemers prey on people that intend to obtain worth for their loan, however probably don’t understand simply exactly how the web works.

How to Avoid Being Scammed.

Whatever you’re looking for, dishonest techniques are common in today’s on-line trading landscape. If you’re on the getting end of one such scam, not just do you run the risk of shedding your cash, but you also run the risk of putting your own health and wellness in danger. This holds true if you’re acquiring penis augmentation items online: if you’re not mindful enough, you might get an item that appears to be what you’ve bought, but in fact comes with different active ingredients as well as parts, or isn’t in the proper functioning condition.

The good news is, there are some fail-safe methods to make sure the internet site or a seller you’re getting penis enlargement items from is legit. Prior to you purchase anything from a web site that isn’t as widely known as Amazon or various other huge online suppliers, always have a look at the end of the page or an «About» area. To be particular that you’re buying from a trustworthy vendor, make sure that a phone number as well as the business’s postal address are available on the internet site.

Always review the evaluations first: if all you can discover are lots or thousands of extremely positive testimonials of the penis augmentation item you’re interested in, it can be in some cases an indication that there’s something wrong. Keep in mind of the rate, too, and also be sure to contrast rates in between several on the internet stores before making a purchase.

Some penis enlargement supplements are provided on a registration basis, implying that you are periodically sent a brand-new set of supplies and also your credit card is charged appropriately. Always look for deals that provide regular monthly payment instead of an advancing months-long payment in advance. This is a way for sellers to secure you in for a prolonged time period, as well as also if you try to terminate your contract, you might still be charged for the full term of your contract.

There’s no factor to be afraid of purchasing online: the prices have a tendency to be a lot more inexpensive than those in retailers as well as it’s typically the only way to locate specific items. All you need to do is adhere to these action in order to ensure that you’re purchasing a top quality item from a trustworthy seller.

When Size Anxiety Takes Over, Can Penis Enlargement Help?
When reviewing body photo problems, people primarily discuss the media depiction of insanely slim designs and also starlets that urges young girls to deprive themselves in order to be approved by the society. However body concerns are just as usual in guys as they are in females, as well as most of them relates to just how the dimension of their penis compares to what appears to be the requirement. Penis dimension stress and anxiety is a rather brand-new concept, however it’s being quickly recognized by physicians as well as other experts.

Most men are troubled about their bodies, as well as accessibility to porn– especially at a young age– produces room for impractical expectations when it pertains to how well-endowed they are expected to be. It’s not just males struggling with severe medical conditions, like a micropenis, that fall victim to penis size anxiety. We live in a culture where being «typical» simply does not cut it, where physical looks can make or damage a person, so also guys with average-sized penises are battling with a deep sense of insecurity.


andropenis penis extender

You Have Realistic Expectations

By now, most men know what they should be looking for in a penis enlargement device.

Enfermedad de Peyronie ¿Qué podemos decir al respecto? 2018

La enfermedad de Peyronie, conocida también como Peyronies’s disease, síndrome de Peyronie, simplemente Peyronie y también coloquialmente denominada pene curvo, pene torcido etc. Es una patología funcional que por desgracia resulta más común de lo que podríamos pensar.

Se trata del desarrollo de tejido cicatricial fibroso o placas de cicatrización queloide en el interior del pene. Esta condición, causa curvas acentuadas en la erección. Es debido a que el tejido fibroso (placas de tejido cicatrizal) es rígido y no permite que los tejidos estiren en la misma proporción que en las zonas de tejido sano, produciéndose la curvatura que caracteriza al síndrome o enfermedad de Peyronie.


Un pene curvo, ¿es siempre un signo de que se padece la enfermedad ?

No siempre una curvatura del pene indica que se padece el síndrome o de Peyronie. Los hombres varían en cuánto a formas, tamaños, grosores, etc. Es común tener una erección curva y no debe ser preocupante. Cuándo existe la enfermedad de Peyronie, dicha curvatura suele ser más marcada y a veces, hay más de una deformación, o achatamiento. Puede también ser en forma de anillos, o cinturas y no necesariamente una curva.

Otra característica del síndrome o enfermedad de peyronie es que en la mayoría de los casos, las erecciones o las relaciones sexuales son dolorosas. Cuándo cursa con dolor, puede hacer que el hombre rechace tener relaciones sexuales. Incluso puede provocar una disfunción eréctil (dificultad en mantener una erección). Sobre todo porque esta enfermedad casi siempre es causante de estrés, ansiedad, complejos, falta de seguridad, etc. 


¿Es el síndrome o enfermedad de Peyronie una enfermedad crónica?

En la mayoría de los casos un Peyronie se mantiene estable. Pasa por etapas a través del tiempo. Pero llegado el momento en el que el queloide está formado totalmente, se estabiliza. Sólo un pequeño porcentaje de hombres con el pene curvo debido a la enfermedad de Peyronie pueden verse libres de ella. En estos casos, la enfermedad desaparece sola.

Enfermedad de Peyronie — Síntomas

A veces no son síntomas, sino sólo signos. Los Signos y síntomas de la enfermedad de Peyronie pueden aparecer de repente o desarrollarse gradualmente. Incluyen:

  • Tejido cicatricial. El tejido de la cicatriz o placas que se asocian al síndrome de Peyronie se puede palpar bajo la piel del pene. Son como protuberancias planas o una banda de tejido duro.
  • Una curva significativa del pene (sobre todo en la erección). Cuándo se padece esta patología, el pene puede estar curvado o doblado hacia cualquier parte. En algunos casos, cuándo el pene está erecto podría presentar estrechamientos (como con anillos), muescas, depresión, escotadura o apariencia de reloj de arena.
  • Problemas de erección. Un pene torcido puede causar problemas para lograr o mantener una erección (disfunción eréctil).
  • Acortamiento del pene. El pene de un hombre puede llegar a ser más corto como resultado de la enfermedad de Peyronie.
  • Dolor. No siempre causa dolor el Peyronie, pero en la mayoría de los casos, sí. Es doloroso el momento de la erección y/o la penetración. Incluso en algunos casos más complicados, puede doler sin erección.

Peyronie — Gravedad y peculiaridades

La enfermedad de Peyronie no es una enfermedad grave propiamente dicha, pero es un síndrome muy condicionante. Un hombre con el pene curvo por estas razones, tiene un sufrimiento importante en su vida íntima.

Es importante, también tener en cuenta, que la curvatura del pene asociada con la enfermedad de Peyronie puede empeorar gradualmente. Pero alcanza un punto en que se estabiliza. Y como hemos dicho, en muy pocos casos, pero se da; la enfermedad de Peyronie remite y va ablandándose hasta desaparecer.

En la mayoría de los hombres, el dolor que se produce durante una erección va a mejorar mejora en uno o dos años. Pero el tejido de la cicatriz y la curvatura casi siempre permanecen. Como hemos dicho, sólo en unos pocos hombres, tanto la curvatura como el dolor asociado con la enfermedad de Peyronie mejoran sin tratamiento.


Síndrome o enfermedad de Peyronie — Causas

Las causaa de la enfermedad no se conocen completamente, pero al parecer, hay una serie de factores que están implicados:

Se piensa que la enfermedad de Peyronie puede estar producida por un daño repetido en el pene. Podría haberse producido durante una relación sexual o masturbación. También, durante una actividad deportiva o como resultado de un accidente. Pero en lo que están de acuerdo los especialistas, es que la enfermedad de Peyronie es una formación de tejido cicatrizal desequilibrada (queloide). Se produce como resultado de un trauma (golpe, doblez, fricción violenta, etc.). Cuándo un trauma de este tipo sucede, el cuerpo procede como con cualquier órgano. Durante el proceso de curación se forma tejido cicatricial de una manera desorganizada. Esto produce nódulos que pueden dar lugar a placas queloides. las placas producen la curvatura o doblez característica de esta enfermedad.


EL ANDROPEYRONIE Una corrección sencilla y eficaz para la curvatura del pene .

Andropeyronie es un aparato médico de tracción específicamente diseñado para tratar la enfermedad de Peyronie y otras curvaturas del pene. Este extensor médico reduce las curvaturas congénitas y las causadas por la enfermedad de Peyronie hasta en un 50% ( JSM ).

€199 / $199
MXN$ 3,999


Kanske Väldens bästa penisförlängare — ger dig större penis snabbt

Kanske Väldens bästa penisförlängare — ger dig större penis snabbt

En av marknadens absolut bästa penisförlängare — garanterat större penis!

Andropenis Gold, är en penisförlängare som vetenskapligt har bevisat att du får permanenta ökningar i penis längd och tjocklek utan biverkningar. Den är också gjord på ett som korrigerar en krökning på din penis och är lämplig personer som har Peyronies sjukdom och går på behandling för det.


Att Andropenis Gold är ett av få sexhjälpmedel som hjälper dig med penisförstoring, krökning, korrigering och Peyronies sjukdom. AndropenisGold är tom den enda produkten i världen som har fått det strikta Australienska TGA health and safety godkännande. Man har bevisat i flera kliniska studier att denna penisförlängare ger resultat, vilket gjort att man gav denna produkt sitt godkännande och bekräftelse på att den fungerar. i över 18 år har man kunnat påvisa att den ger permanenta resultat och över 400 000 män sen 1995 har kunnat glädja sig åt denna hjälp.

  • En av de mest säkra penisförlängarna på marknaden, effektiv och bevisade resultat
  • Ger permanenta ökningar på penis längd och omkrets. Flera cm på bara några månader.
  • Ger stora skillnader på både slak och erigerad penis
  • Hjälper mot Peyronies sjukdom och en krökt/böjd penis
  • Slut på oron när någon ser din penis
  • Ger glädje åt din partner och ni får ett mer passionerat sexliv, öka lusten
  • Ni kommer få bättre sex, nya positioner och bättre orgasmer
  • Få tillbaka ditt självförtroende och må bättre, ger dig mer framgång i livet
  • Kan användas av äldre män för att motverka att penis krymper
  • En av världens bästa penisförlängare, 400 000 män kan intyga om det

Ärligt talat!

Vem vill inte ha en större penis? Flera forskningar visar på att nästan 9 av 10 män är inte nöjda med sin penisstorlek eller hur den ser ut. Många funderar på operationer för att lösa denna ångest. I mötet med nya kvinnor är man orolig att inte räcka till, tänk att få slippa den tanken och veta att du garanterat kommer uppfylla deras förväntningar. Med en penisförlängare är det möjligt att enkelt lösa detta. Det är egentligen en mycket gammal och beprövad metod. Förr hängde man tyngder på sin penis och fick ett visst resultat. Men med dom nya moderna sexhjälpmedlen som finns så blir det förbluffande bra resultat, utan dyra operationer med farliga biverkningar. Andropenis Gold penispenisförlängare är en av de bästa, med sina vetenskapliga och medicinska har dom tagit fram slående bevis för att den tillhör en av marknadens absolut bästa penisförlängare. Man kan säga att Andropenis Gold uppmuntrar din penis att börja “växa” igen. Den sträcker ut det utskjutande ligament som omsluter en mans könsorgan, vilket är det som ger både storlek och omkrets på penis. Penisfölängaren ger på det sättet en permanent föränding av både storlek och omkrets, upp till 30 %. Du kan få flera extra cm på din penis med hjälp av en penisförlängareAndropenis Gold kan även korrigera en böjd penis, upp till 70% kan den rätta till på krökningen. En penisfölängare använder man ett par timmar om dagen från allt till 6 månader upp till 18 mån, kan variera från person till person


My personal experience with ANDROPENIS after 10 months

I did an overview article of the ANDROPENIS penis extenders in late 2014 and the device impressed me a lot — I decided to buy the extender and use it for at least 6 months to give a full-blown review of it and this is it!

How does it work?

You are basically pulling your penis longer when you use a penis extender. The pulling force will promote cell division in your penis tissue hence making it both longer and wider. Cell division is a very slow process and that’s why it’s important to use the extender for as long time as posible.

Let’s assemble the device

Before you can start using the device you need to assemble it and learn how to adjust the different tension setting. Insert the “Tension springs” in the “Spring bars”. Screw the “Spring bars” into the “Extender front”. Select the “Elongation bars” that fit your penis size (more on that later) and screw them into the end of the “spring bars”. Attach the “Extender base” to the “Elongation bars” by turning the adjusting wheel clockwise. Attach one end of the “Comfort band” to the “Extender front” (make sure you attach it the right way, there is a small arrow that indicates the right direction).I strongly recommend that you assemble and disassemble it a couple of times before you use it — Just to get a hang of it and avoid breaking anything.

Selecting the right size elongation bar

The elongation bars are what determines how long the penis extender is — You’ll not be able to fit your penis in the device if you pick too long bars and you will not be able to put tension on it if you pick them too short.

you will not be able to put tension on it if you pick them too short.  


How do I use it?

Okay the device is assembled at the right length and ready to go, but how do I use it? Take your extender and put one end of the comfort band in the front part and leave the other end hanging around.

  1. Place the base ring of the extender around your penis and press it towards your body. Put the other end of the comfort band through the hole and tighten the band around your penis just below the penis head (glans).
    This is also the step where you can use different parts of the comfort system, try different comfort options and pick the one that you like and use it. Adjust the traction with the two wheels.

My daily routine

It’s important to get used to wearing the extender before you put too much traction force on. It’s the same as any other form of physical training. Remember to measure your penis size (both length and girth) before starting, it’s very motivation when you start seeing your first gains. I have split my extender sessions into 3 parts with an individual goal for each part — You can use the same technique if you like (it worked very well for me


The first part — The beginning:

Main goal: Getting used to wearing the device and finding the most comfortable settings. This part was the first 3 weeks and I used the extender from 1 to 3 hours each day with very little traction. I tried a new comfort setting each time I used the extender and found my favorite setting.

The second part — The buildup:

Main goal: Going from very little traction to maximum traction and increase the time used to 8 hours each day. This parts took me 5 weeks where I increased the traction every week and increased the time I spend using the extender from 1–3 hours to 6–8 hours a day.

The third part — The grind:

Main goal: Getting a bigger penis! This is where all the “magic” happens apart from the fact that there is no magic only hard work and time will get you a bigger penis. I used the ANDROPENIS with maximum traction and between 6 and 8 hours each day for 10 months! This is a very long and tedious task and you need a lot of determination to pull it off, but in the end, it’s all worth it! I can enjoy a permanently larger penis the rest of my life for the relatively “short” amount of time I spend on this project.

Tips: You can split up your extender sessions into more manageable blocks. If you’re going to use the extender for 4 hours that day then split them into 4 x 1 hour or 2 x 2 hours, that’s all up to you.

My results after using the ANDROPNIS for 10 months I went from a 14 cm. (5.5 in) long penis to a 16.8 cm. (6.6 in) long penis in the 10 months.

How much can you gain?

It depends on a number of things: What is your starting penis size? How much traction do you use? How many hours do you use it? Other physical factors I have used percentage in the graphs so you can get an estimate on how much you can gain in a specific time frame if you use it in a similar way as I did. You will notice that if your penis has a smaller starting size then your gains will be equally smaller and if your starting size is bigger then the results will be equally bigger. This is because a larger penis simply has more tissue where the cell division happens. 

penis enlargement

Thoughts about using a penis extender for penis enlargement A penis extender is by far the best and safest way to enlarge your penis and ANDROPENIS is in the top spot on my list of the best penis extenders. But it’s not for everyone!

Using a penis extender is time consuming and it does take a long time to get used to wearing the device. You need to be very motivated and keep using it, the results will show in the end!

Got a bent penis or Peyronie’s disease?

Don’t worry — There is a special Peyronie’s Edition extender on the ANDROMEDICAL website, the extender is a bit different THE ANDROPEYRONIE from your normal extender. The Peyronie’s Edition comes with a special “directional noose straightening” system that will fit on curvatures from all directions. You can read more about what all the products does for you on their website, but they will all help you if you suffer from Peyronie’s disease.  


Do I recommend ANDROPENIS to others?

Yes, the ANDROPENIS is a solid product which deliver great results that you can enjoy the rest of your life! Join the 1000’s of men who use ANDROPENIS today and start your journey to a larger penis now.

Why did I pick the ANDROPENIS extender?

This is a very good question when you consider the huge amount of different penis extenders that are available. The main reason was the comfort system, that is among the absolute best (if not the best) of all penis extenders.

Why is a good comfort ANDROKIT system so important? The two most important things about how effective a penis extender is: How long time you wear the device And how much tension you have on it. A good comfort system is important to both of them and that’s why good comfort is the single most important feature of a penis extender.


How does it work?

You are basically pulling your penis longer when you use a penis extender. The pulling force will promote cell division in your penis tissue hence making it both longer and wider. Cell division is a very slow process and that’s why it’s important to use the extender for as long time as posible.

What is a penis extender?

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, penis extenders are devices that are used to increase the length of the penis permanently. Among all methods of penis enlargement available, the use of extenders is considered to be the most effective and safest way to increase your penis size and girth.It was originaly designed to be used after a penis enlargement surgery to maintain the increased penis size, but it ended up enlarging the penis even more. There was a large clinical trial carried out to determin how effective it was and it turned out to be a very good way to enlarge a penis without surgery.  

How Does a Penis Extender Work?

A penis extender is a very simpel device that will stretch your penis — That will force celldivisions thereby increasing the size of your penis.

How do I use an extender?

Most penis extenders are almost identical and you can use my guide below, but always make sure you check the manuel for your extender before using it.

What results can I expect from a Penis Extender?

The results you may get from using a penis extender depends on the amount of time you use it. The more you use it the greater the results, you should wear the extender for 4–8 hours per day. If you do that for 1 year the average results looks like this:

  • 28% longer penis
  • 19% thicker penis

For an example — If you start with a 5 inch (12.7cm) long penis you will end up with a 6.4 inch (16.2cm) long penis.  

Besides the size gains you will also be able to enjoy: Improved erection quality , Helps straighten a curved/bent penis, Noninvasive penis enlargement

Are Penis Extenders Safe?

Penis extenders are considered one of the safest way to enlarge your penis — the only “safer” way is penis exercises, but that’s the absolute slowest way to enlarge your penis.

Here are a few tips on safety: Always read the manual before using an extender! Try to assemple and disassemple your extender before using it the first time, just to get comfortable with your device. Take it slow in the beginning — Use the lowest traction force the first week and add traction each week. Remeber — It should never hurt! Try reducing the traction force and try it again.  

Testimonials from users

I have helped a lot of men since I launched this website and I receive a lot of emails from men around the world, here are some user testimonials that I got: All names/locations and any kind of personal information has been removed or replaced with fictional names.

From barely 5 inches to a bit over 6 inches.

The last year has been quite a journey for me — I started out as an insecure person with low self-esteem due to my small penis size and obesity. Now one year later I have lost 35lbs. of pure fat and I my penis size has gone from barely 5 inches to a bit over 6 inches. It all started last new year (2015) when I decided to change my life and get my shit together. I started running (walking in the beginning) every single day and bought a penis extender that I have used 4–6 days a week for around 5–8 hours per day ever since. The results came in slow but steady and people around me started to say that I had become a happier and more outgoing person. Lewis, UK

I’m getting there

I just want to say “Thank you” for all the support that I have gotten from you. I was struggling with both a small penis and weak erections and the combination of a penis extender and a penis pump is working great! I’m still in the early stages of my enlargement process but I already gained a notable size increase in both length and girth. Mark, Candada

The results are worth it ALL

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results that I have gained the last 5 months (+2cm length and +1½ cm. girth) that I have used the ANDROPENIS extender. It was a bit painful in the beginning but I got through it and really started to see some nice gains after the first 2 months. I hope this will encourage others to stay positive and keep on going. The results are worth it ALL! Jhon, USA

Quick FAQ

Can I wear them under my cloth? Yes, if you wear loose pants

Are they safe? Yes — Using a penis extender is one of the safest ways to enlarge your penis.

How long time should I use it? 4–8 Hours per day and 5–6 days a week. Less is okay, your gains will just be smaller. Remeber to take 1–2 days off each week!

Are the results permanent? Yes, the results will last the rest of your life!

Final thoughts about penis extenders

It was invented by a coincidence but it turned out to be one of the most effective and safest way to enlarge your penis! Extenders has helped 1000’s of men (including me) since it was developed in 1998 and will continue to help even more in the future — perhaps you?

I personally recommend penis extenders for penis enlargement

The list in the beginning is just my top 3 list — I have reviewed a lot more extenders — You can check out my “other penis extenders here“.


andropenis gold penis extender

FAQ, Questions and Answers ANDROPENIS Related Questions

Q: How soon can I expect to see results?

A: Thanks to our ANDROKOMFORT KIT system, results can be felt as soon as the first week of treatment. Your erections will be harder and easier to come by. You will begin to see visual results in 2–3 weeks.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: There are absolutely no adverse effects to erections, performance, urination or fertility from using the ANDROPENIS device when used as instructed. Some common positive occurrences customers experience are harder erections associated with an increased in libido.

Q: Will I lose my enlargement gains if I stop using ANDROPENIS?

A: No. Your gains are permanent and guaranteed.

Q: How many hours a day do I have to wear the ANDROPENIS?

A: There are two programs included in the user’s manual. You can determine which program will better fit your schedule. The results depend on total time worn and not on daily usage. You can even take time off if you need to. Anyone would be able to work this into their normal routine.

Q: I am happy with my penis size. My problem is that it curves to the left. Can ANDROPENIS help me with this problem?

A: Yes! ANDROPENIS is effective in correcting penis curvature in any deviation. Just follow the directions outlined in our easy to use user’s manual.

Q: How does the ANDROPENIS work?

A: The ANDROPENIS works by applying tension to the penis over long time periods. This form of tension is known as penis traction which is the very basis behind the science of the ANDROPENIS. By exposing the penis to a constant traction, the cells in the penis chambers will begin to divide and multiply, thus increasing the tissue mass. This process allows the penis to hold more blood than it could before. As a result, the penis adapts by growing and enlargement can be noticed in both length and girth.

Q: Why does the ANDROPENIS device look different than anything on the market today?

A: Our clients have been very vocal in reporting the discomfort levels they were experiencing with previous penis extenders. We have re-engineered the ANDROPENIS . the ANDROPENIS redistributes the strain of pressure evenly across the shaft of the penis resulting in zero slippage and maximum comfort.

Q: What if I want to get longer than the device?

A: The ANDROPENIS is fully adjustable; you just drop in the add-on extension rods to lengthen the device to whatever length you choose. In the extremely rare case that you need more add-on bars than we originally provide with the package, you can purchase more by visiting the spare parts page.

Q: I can see how this would add length, but what about girth?

A: ANDROPENIS will increase your length as well as your girth! The enlargement and regeneration process is done in overall penile length and girth. Compare it to a bicep, when you work your bicep, it will grow proportionally. So will your penis.

Q: How will enlargement affect my erections?

A: The ANDROPENIS device was designed to enlarge your penis. When the device is worn blood flow is increased into the corpus cavernous which is required to promote cell regeneration. The added bonus of this effect is more blood flow which increases erection size, strength and overall sexual endurance.

Q: What if I get an erection while the ANDROPENIS is on?

A: The ANDROPENIS adjusts to the erection angle, or simply slides off smoothly so you can apply it again.  

Privacy related questions

Q: Is the package shipped discreetly?

A: Absolutely! Your privacy is our priority. The outside of the package does not reveal anything about its contents.

Q: How can I use the device discreetly?

A: The ANDROPENIS device is the smallest, lightest and most versatile penis extender on the market today. It can be discreetly worn under pants, in bed or during regular daily activity. Because of its small size, no one will be able to detect you are wearing it unless you tell them!

Q: What will show up on my Credit Card statement?

A: Credit card charges will appear on your statement For paypal payments,

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes. We’ll refund your money if you aren’t satisfied. For more information please read our Guarantee Policies.

Q: What if something breaks?

A: Your ANDROPENIS is covered by a lifetime warranty on parts. If you do manage to break your ANDROPENIS, just contact customer service for a replacement. For more information please read our Warranty Policies.

Q: Is it safe to order online?

A: Yes, our secure server is reliable, quick and easy to use. We use the latest technology for complete protection of your information. Your transaction is 100% secure. It is proven that ordering online is safer than using your debit or credit card at the local gas station. Remember that you are 100% covered from head to toe by your credit card company (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal) as well as our insurance company.

Q: How do I Order?

A: Just click here. The simple instructions will take you through the quick ordering process.  

The 3 Golden Rules of Shopping for Penis Extenders

The penis enlargement industry has seen an unprecedented growth in recent years. This trend has as much to do with the growing number of men who are unhappy about the size of their manhood as it does with the fact that we’re finally speaking more openly about the issue. As a result, manufacturers have flooded the market with different models of penis extenders. They are also more affordable than ever, which makes penis extenders the go-to choice for men looking to increase the size of their penis.

However, most shoppers make the mistake of comparing penis extenders solely based on their price. While this might be a good strategy for most types of products, with penis extenders it’s probably one of the last things you should consider. As with any other product, there are plenty of budget-friendly penis extenders whose manufacturers make dubious claims about their efficiency and the results they’ll deliver. Not only are these claims almost always untrue, but the products also tend to be very unsafe. If you’re planning on buying a traction device to add some length to your penis, here’s our list of the three golden rules all shoppers should have in mind. Follow these steps to make sure you’re getting a safe, tested, and reliable product that will solve your problems and improve your sex life for good.

1. Shop Around to See What Your Options Are

Before you decide what model you’ll go for, you should first see what’s currently available. Your best bet is to visit popular online stores that sell penis extenders and write down the name of each product you think is worth a shot. While at it, also make note of the basic information on each product: the price, the manufacturer, and where you can buy it. After you’ve done that, go through your choices and try to cut your preliminary selection down in half. Then it’s time to learn more about the products you chose. You can search for reviews of each individual product to find out more about how they work, how much you can expect to gain, and learn about their possible shortcomings. Now, reviews of such products can be very dubious, as more often than not they’re nothing more than a repackaging of the promotional materials supplied by the manufacturer. If the review doesn’t make even a passing mention of at least one shortcoming of the product — no matter how small it may be — it’s probably a fake review. This is why you should check out dedicated message boards and blogs, where people just like you who have actually tried these products write about their experiences. Nothing’s more reliable than a first-person article that explains exactly how a specific product works. If a review you’ve found comes off as too generic, as if it could have been written about any similar product, chances are the reviewer hasn’t actually tested the device. In that case, look elsewhere until you find the review you know you can trust.

2. Know Who You’re Buying your Penis Extenders From

As a rule, most shoppers will go to the manufacturer’s website to buy a product directly from them. It comes with its own set of benefits, including discounts, special offers, and warranties. But the fact that the manufacturer has its own website doesn’t by any means prove that they are trustworthy. Before you buy anything and share your personal information with them, take time to get to know the manufacturer whose product you’re interested in buying. Inspect their website to see if there’s any info about the company, including some way to contact them outside of an email address which anyone can create. If the company’s address, or at least their phone number, isn’t available on the website, it’s as clear a sign as any that you shouldn’t do any business with the company.

3. Keep Your Expectations in Check

Finally, it’s important not to fall for any outrageous claims about how much some penis extenders can enlarge your penis. Keep your expectations in check, don’t expect anything unrealistic, and you’ll be very happy with the results in no more than six months.  

Can Your Diet Dictate Your Penis Size?

We know that one’s dietary habits are crucial when it comes to our bodies. What and how much we eat influences most bodily processes one way or another. The human body’s systems
are linked to each other, and one problem can cause a chain reaction. Conversely, improving the separate systems can have a positive impact on the whole body. Restoring the healthy gut bacteria, for example, will help your digestion, which in turn helps your energy-balance, and likely your organ system. Some of these effects are obviously indirect, but when added up, they can have a good overall impact on the body.

Nutrition fuels everything, our organs cannot work without the energy we provide through the process of eating. If you think about this, it’s no wonder that your dietary habits are so impactful. Within our bodies, everything is connected with everything. In teenagers and young adults, dietary habits play a big part in the growing process, and that includes penis size. Natural penis enlargement takes place during puberty, usually up until the age of 18. Some people have a fully developed penis by the time they are 13, whereas others could see growth up until 18, or maybe even longer, but it is directly linked to the genetic process of puberty.

How Does Diet-Based Natural Penis Enlargement Work?

If you think that eating habits influencing penis growth is a ridiculous idea, you are not alone. The science is still a little murky on this subject, but we already know that early eating habits may have a correlation with natural growth. Several studies proved that teenagers who ate a healthy, nutrition-rich diet were more likely to reach their maximum predicted height.

Nutrition-rich diets help the body maximize its natural growth hormone secretion, a basis for undisturbed natural growth both in terms of height and penis size. Healthy eating can also improve erections in terms of both blood volume and longevity, increasing the size of the penis that way. The best bet is to eat a healthy and mixed diet with lots of vegetables and fruits, good sources of fats and carbs, and lean protein sources.

The best ingredients include eggs, chicken breast, and fish as your protein sources, brown rice, sweet potato and quinoa for carbs, nuts like pistachio and walnut, and coconut or olive oil for healthy fats. When it comes to vegetables, you can pretty much eat anything until it is fresh and came from a dependable source. The same goes for fruits, although you have to monitor your sugar intake. The general rule of thumb is to eat as many fruits that you could hold in one hand (not palming it), and twice the amount of vegetables.

Penis Enlargement Tools

Nutrition does have a role in penis size but works especially well if other factors are also present. This includes exercising, mental hygiene and the reliance on certain tools that can help you achieve penis size increase. The most common tools are traction devices that can help increase the size and length of the penis under prolonged use. These devices are different to vacuum tools in that they don’t use lots of force, instead exert a smaller amount, but unlike pumps, you can use them for extended periods, daily. The pumps offer more of a temporary solution with a stronger erection, but the results in penis size are not lasting, in fact, sometimes can be gone in mere minutes.

Putting It All Together

You get the best results if you cover all your bases. This includes diet, exercising, mental hygiene, being in a good relationship, and having the resources and the will to improve. Penis enlargement is not always necessary, but if you decide to chase that goal, you have to do the research and follow your diet, and if you use an enhancement tool, you have to stick to the treatment plan and be patient, because results don’t always come instantly. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or even years, but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away, keep at it. 

Can Food Help Increase Penis Size?

By now it’s no secret that nutrition is fundamental when it comes to whole body health. How a person eats can affect everything from obvious results such as their overall physical fitness, to more obscure areas, such as sexual performance. This is because we now understand every part of the human body’s health is connected to another. So what we eat not only affects our digestion or fat reserves, but also our cardiovascular health, respiratory system and even our state of mind.

This is because nutrition fuels every cell in our bodies and, as a result, we truly are what we eat. Men and women who want to improve physical fitness and stamina will often cut back on empty carbohydrates, refined sugars, excessive red meats and processed foods in favor of plant based diets that use nutrient dense foods to deliver more bang for your buck, so to speak.

This cleaner, leaner approach to nutrition results in improved health overall and increased and improved sexual performance. People who adopt a healthy, whole-foods and plant based diet report improvements in cholesterol levels, the reversal of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease and an overall improvement in vitality. Experts in the male enhancement industry have seized on this and began to wonder — can these amazing results be extended to increasing penis size?

The Science Behind Foods for Increase Penis Size

If you think the idea of what you eat increasing penis size is crazy, you’re not alone. The truth is that this is an area of science still under intense scrutiny. But the thinking behind how it can work is solid enough to merit further investigation.

Here’s the basic idea — if you eat foods that improve blood flow and stamina, you can, over time, increase the size of the penis. This is accomplished by making the most of that increase blood flow to create larger, stronger erections that you maintain over long periods of time, thus basically stretching the muscles and fibers in the shaft of the penis.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

The trick, of course, is in the part that suggests you have to maintain the erection in order to stretch the supportive tissues of the penis. When they suggest maintaining the erection, they’re talking about hours.


Obviously, this can be a bit off putting for many men. But does that mean there’s no place for nutrition in the world of penis enlargement?

A Cohesive and Cooperative Process

Nutrition can certainly play a role in penis enlargement, but not on its own. The truth is that Do It Yourself penis enlargement options rely on men to approach the process whole heartedly in order to work. So, in a way, nutrition does play an important role.

The methods clinically tested and proven to work for penis enlargement center around penile traction devices. These products essentially stretch then hold the penis in place. By exerting a small amount of pressure over a large amount of time, the devices stretch and elongate the penis safely.

Men who engage in increasing penis size usually also use other methods in order to boost the efficacy of their enlargement regime. Massages before and after using a device, for example, can make the tissue more pliable and flexible. This means the stretching process is more effective and that healing time is improved as the tissues aren’t as likely to be seriously injured.

By the same token, many men also change and improve their diets in order to improve blood flow to the penis. This increases overall performance since circulation is vital to sexual health. In terms of enlargement it can also boost the effect of a high quality enlargement device. Increasing circulation will keep the tissues of the penis healthy and well nourished, which makes a man a better candidate for traction style penis enlargement.  

Penis Enlargement — 5 Facts You Should Know

Thanks to a number of clinical studies and a more open and frank discussion of sexuality for both men and women, penis enlargement has become a hot topic. Men from every walk of life have started investigating their options when it comes to altering and improving the shape and size of their penis. While enlargement is a topic many people know about now, there are still some facts men should know before they commit to the enlargement process.

Penis Enlargement Devices HAVE Been Tested in a Clinical Setting

Perhaps the biggest change in the world of penile enlargement is the fact that certain devices have actually now been tested in a clinical setting. Over the past few years a handful of studies have tackled the issue of penile enlargement by testing traction style devices in the lab. These studies have all found that traction enlargement can be an effective form of penis enlargement when the devices are used properly and over a long period of time. These studies have helped to fuel the renewed popularity of enlargement and they’ve helped the male enhancement industry to be seen in a more positive light overall.

Penis Enlargement Isn’t a “Quick Fix”

While there is now proof that enlargement can work, that doesn’t mean it can offer a quick fix for men. In fact, these studies back up what men — and the male enhancement industry — have been saying for years: Penis enlargement takes time. Once of the biggest reasons enlargement devices have developed a bad reputation is because men had no idea how involved the process would be before they bought their device. This type of body modification relies on exerting a moderate amount of pressure over a long period of time in order to elongate the penis without sacrificing girth. In order to achieve that goal, time is essential. Typically, men must use the device for 6 to 8 weeks before the start seeing results.

Not All Enlargement Products Are the Same

As with any high-end product, not all enlargement devices are created equal. While many companies within the male enhancement industry do everything they can to deliver the best service and products, there are still people out to swindle their fellow man. In order to avoid falling victim to this type of shady practice, men should always shop around and do their own investigation on enhancement products. Reading penile enlargement reviews and checking out what guys have to say through online forums is a great way to get frank, unbiased reviews for everything from supplements to enlargement devices.

Penis Enlargement Does NOT Improve Performance

This can seem pretty obvious, but too many men assume an improvement in size will improve everything else too. This simply isn’t the case. Increasing your penis size will do one thing — increase your penis size. In order to improve stamina or overall performance, men need to address the underlying issue. Perhaps they need better nutrition to fuel their body, improved fitness to enhance cardiovascular health and stamina or tips on better positions and techniques to improve performance. Whatever the issue, there’s a way to solve it but it may not have anything to do with size.

Male Enhancement Isn’t Always About Size

This is the most important fact men should know. Sexual performance isn’t always just about size — quite often it’s about how a man feels about himself. This aspect of how we see ourselves — sometimes referred to as sexual self-esteem — essentially comes down to how we feel about ourselves naked and how we perform between the sheets. For some men, improving their size is more about improving the way they see themselves than anything else. But if you’ve never worried much about size, then the issue may lie elsewhere. Finding ways to improve your sex life isn’t about just going with the latest craze — it’s about looking at yourself and your own life to discover the solution that will truly help improve how you perform and feel when it comes to sex. 

What Fuels the Penis Enlargement Industry?

Men have been obsessed about penis size since just about forever and, as a result, penis enlargement has always been equally interesting. Even the Kama Sutra mentions size and offers advice on how to enlarge your penis or simply how to make the most out of what you already have. Recently, however, the topic of penis enlargement has become even more popular. This — and the obsession with penis size — are fueling a whole new approach to male enhancement and sexual improvement — so what’s behind the renewed interest? To understand this newfound popularity and interest, it’s important to understand why penis size is such an important issue for men. The size of a man’s penis has always been tied to an idea of his overall masculinity. A “real” man packs a large package — or so goes the conventional wisdom. But science is bearing out something else. Sure, size is important but it turns out that the biggest isn’t always the very best. At the end of the day, men want a larger penis because they want to be seen as manly and attractive to women. So that means the real questions is what do women want from men in terms of penis size and sexual performance?

Several studies have found that women don’t necessarily want a man with the biggest penis — they want a man with a penis that is proportionate to the rest of his body. A larger man with a small penis will be off-putting for sure. But what most men don’t realize is that an overly large penis on a small or even average sized guy will be just as much of a turn off. For guys interested in penis enlargement, this means that deciding what size is right isn’t always a straight-forward issue. And more often than not, it also meant that guys thought no enlargement option could really work. But it’s easier than they think to find the right size and, thanks to advancement in the male enhancement industry, there are many reliable and effective options.

Over the past few years, penis enlargement devices have become the focus of several studies. Researchers have found that traction style devices are actually effective when used properly and worn for several weeks or even months. This new insight and frank discussion about how enlargement devices work have made them a hot topic again. This renewed interest in enlargement means the whole discussion has come full circle and we are back to where we began — why is size so important?  

Because it is. Is actually and really is.

Sure there are women who swear it’s not about how big a man’s penis is , But at the end of the day size DOES matter. Perhaps not as much as some people think — but it definitely matters. While a lot of people complain about how long it takes to see results using penis enlargement devices, the fact of the matter is the length of time it take can actually work in a man’s favor. As a man begins to see results he can easily begin to taper off the use of the device while improving his performance to make the most out of the increased length he has achieved. The best way to do this is to track progress meticulously and spend time during the enlargement process learning about new positions and techniques. This way, a man is able to improve his physical attributes and boost his performance which means he can finally stop worrying about size once and for all.

Men Happy With Their Penis Size Have Better Sex

Self-esteem and better sex often go hand in hand. Men who don’t initially seem to have a whole lot to offer in terms of the perfect body or stunning looks can land the most beautiful women because of their confidence. It’s a situation guys have noticed for years and one that often makes them frustrated. After all, if THAT guy can land a girl like that why can’t they do the same? For many men, it brings up feelings of inadequacy which make them question how they measure up — literally.

How to Have Better Sex?

It all comes back to the size of a man’s self-esteem — not his penis. A recent study on how men see themselves — and how it impacts their sex life — was recently published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour. Researchers found that many men are happy with the appearance of their penis and testicles. This initial finding came as something of a surprise to many experts in the male enhancement world since sales of penis enlargers and other male enhancement products continues to grow by leaps and bounds. But, then again, perhaps it does make sense.

Over the past few years traction style penis enlargers have been the focus of a few different studies. Each one found these studies found that traction style penis enlargers could, in fact, deliver in terms of increasing length. As long as men used the devices as directed and stuck with the process, results could happen. It’s been a game changers for both the male enhancement industry and the men who want to improve the way they look and feel. The same study that initially found that many men were happy with the size and shape of their genitals also discovered something about men who wished they looked different. When it came to men who didn’t like the way their penis looked, researchers found they were less likely to be sexually active. Again, this reinforced what many experts in the male enhancement industry already knew — self-esteem is often more important than actual penis size for better sex.  

So what does this mean for men who are struggling with accepting themselves?

First, it means there’s a reason for their anxiety. Researchers now understand the connection between how we see ourselves and how we interact with the world. People who have anxiety about any part of their appearance are more likely to be introverted and shy away from social situations and, ultimately, even personal relationships. For men with anxiety about penis size, that means over time a man’s sex life can become unfulfilling, a source of anxiety and, eventually, a thing of the past.

But these results means hope for these men as well. It shows that the way to improve their quality of life is to improve the way they see themselves. This can be accomplished by a number of different ways. In some cases, it’s about men accepting themselves for who they are and as they are. Plenty of guys worry about penis size when they actually have a perfectly average penis. Guys who want to improve their size in order to help their confidence can use traction style penis enlargers or vacuum pumps if girth is the main concern. Using these common and effective devices can help men overcome their anxiety about how they look so they can focus on how they perform.

Being happy with yourself is the foundation of any healthy self-esteem. For men with anxiety about penis size, there are several different penis enlargers they can use to sculpt their body. Using these devices and working to improve technique can boost a man’s overall self-esteem as well as his sexual self-confidence.  

Penis Enlargement — Past, Present and Future

Penis enlargement and general male enhancement has become big business for a number of companies. In some ways, this has given men the impression that penis enlargement is a new industry but, in truth, options for enlargement and sexual enhancement have been around since the earliest times. Current research and development also holds a great deal of promise for the future of male enhancement.

A Short History of Penis Enlargement

Originally, men didn’t have commercially manufactured penis enlargers in order to gain the length they wanted. In the days before enlargement devices men developed a number of methods to lengthen their penis and improve their sexual performance. Lengthening was accomplished via specific stretching exercises or through the use of small weights. Stretching exercises were developed over time and eventually evolved into a practice known as Jelqing, which is still used by some men today. These stretches are done over the course of a day and include a warm up period along with fairly intensive stretching and then a cooling down routine in order to help facilitate growth and prevent injury. In other cultures, small weights were tied to the end of a man’s penis in order to literally stretch the penis over time. Weights were selected carefully in order to prevent injury as beginning with a weight which is too heavy could cause pain. Beginning with smaller weights, men would gradually increase the size and heft of weights until they had reached their desired length.

The Advent of Commercial Enlargement

Methods for penis enlargement remained popular throughout every culture but, at the end of the 1800s, one man saw the opportunity to bring enlargement to very man. Otto Ledever knew a ripe market when he saw one and, in 1917, he patented the first commercially available vacuum pump and began marketing direct to the public. Although vacuum pumps only provide a temporary boost to girth, this paved the way for the male enhancement industry to flourish. Since then, a number of penis enlargers and enhancement products have been introduced, creating a market that has become a force both commercially and scientifically. As men have stepped forward with a willingness to take control of their own sexual health and well-being, the male enhancement industry has combined research, development and testing to create products and devices aimed at solving a variety of issues.

Over the past few years, penis enlargers specifically have received the focus of clinical research in order to determine their efficacy. Traction devices have been found to be the most effective for long term gains in length with vacuum pumps remaining a popular choice for men who want added girth, albeit temporarily. This renewed scientific interest has made it possible for companies to invest in the future of male enhancement which has included a focus on nutrition and whole body health. As doctors, researchers and men discover the links between a healthy life and sexual happiness, male enhancement has grown by leaps and bounds. Now, in addition to clinically backed penis enlargers men can also explore other options for sexual enhancement. Surgical options and out-patient treatments are now viable alternatives to increase girth, treat premature ejaculation and battle a number of other issues men struggle with in the bedroom.

The future for male enhancement is bright. New discoveries have found ways to use existing treatments and medications in new and innovative ways while a better understanding of nutrition and health has given many men a way to treat issues such as premature ejaculation and low libido in a completely natural way. The history of penis enlargement and male enhancement is long and its future promises new hope for men — and their partners — to finally have the sex life they’ve always wanted. 

How Penis Enlargers Have Changed the Landscape of Men’s Health

Men have a reputation for being a bit cavalier about their healthcare. It’s a reputation earned over years of men taking the “I can handle anything” approach — the same attitude they take to driving directions or opening jars. While this has been the case for generations, things are beginning to change. Today, men are more likely than ever before to take an active role in their healthcare. The catalyst for this change is still a matter of debate, but many experts believe it has to do directly with the fact that today men know that good health leads directly to good sex.

Male Enhancement and Whole Body Health

At the turn of the 20th century penis enlargers began to be sold commercially direct to the public. Initially, these devices promised nothing more than some added girth as they were vacuum pumps but over time, more and more companies began to see the potential in the market and more products began to appear. The focus did remain on devices focused on size and length but various tinctures, supplements, vitamins and exercise plans also began to appear. Today, the male enhancement industry is one of the fastest growing segments in self-help and for good reason — new research and product advancements are helping men make the most of their lives in and out of the bedroom.

While the link between whole body health and sexual satisfaction has always been known to practitioners and patients, it has been the focus of more and more research and testing. New information on the role nutrition plays in health, for example, has led to an explosion of products aimed at helping to support male health through the use of supplements, specific vitamins and meal plans. The same holds true for exercise plans aimed at helping to improve stamina, flexibility and even a man’s libido, or sex drive. This all comes together and is marketed directly to men as a way to improve their sex lives directly, but the benefits reach well beyond sexual satisfaction.

Changing Attitudes, Changing Lives

Of course, these changes have been a long time in the making and many men are only just realizing the power they have when it comes to improving their lives and their health. The idea that ‘Real Men don’t go to the doctor’ is being confronted on all fronts — from the medical community as well as self-help gurus. Men are being asked to consider the potential they have and to decide whether or not they are ready to take control of their health. This approach has been especially successful as it keeps the focus on men taking control of their own health which keeps them in the driver seat.

When penis enlargers first became commercially available, they were a near instant success. Early products weren’t as high-quality or reliable as devices sold today. But their popularity showed just how strong the market could be. It also showed companies and developers that men did want to improve their sex lives and were ready, willing and able to take matters into their own hands if high-quality self-help devices and products were made available to them. Since then, the male enhancement industry has grown by leaps and bounds and now men can find penis enlargers, supplements, vitamins, meal plans and exercise programs to address any problem they may be having. In addition to improving their sex life, these products and services also show men the impact they can have in their whole body health without making it seem like a chore. This change has become a driving force for men to shake off the old hands-off attitude towards healthcare and become more involved, more engaged and more likely to achieve their goals. 

Penis Enlargement Food: Fact or Fiction?

With the dawn of the New Year there are plenty of websites and media outlets using the self-improvement angle to fuel their headlines. Thankfully, there have been a number of studies over the past year which authors have been able to use, particularly when it comes to sex.

One of the biggest bits of news to come out of the scientific community with regards to sexuality has been about penis enlargement. Various teams have examined everything from the efficacy of at home, Do It Yourself penis enlargement devices as well as trying to understand why size plays such an important role in overall sexual satisfaction. As with any other kind of physical self-improvement, there are a lot of different ideas and theories on how best to achieve a person’s goals. Some focus on physical endeavors while others look to nutrition as the path to true self-improvement. In many cases, there is merit in both approaches — but that doesn’t mean each claim shouldn’t be examined closely. A number of articles have been focused on foods that can help improve various aspects of male sexual performance and satisfaction. One of the more noteworthy claims has been about which foods could help with penis enlargement.

Nutrition and Penis Enlargement — Is There a Connection

Men have been using food, vitamins and various herbs in order to improve their sexual performance for years. This practice is common and many men already know how things like garlic, horny goat weed, B vitamins and other specific herbs, vitamins and foods can improve their sexual function. But when it comes to penis enlargement, men are pretty skeptical — and rightfully so. The simple truth is this — there is no single known food or anything else that will increase a man’s penis size. Having said that, there are certain foods which can help boost the overall efficacy of a high-quality penis enlargement program. 

A Diet for a Larger Penis

The key to determining which foods can help with penis enlargement lies in first determining how foods can help and then finding the specific foods that can deliver those results. Ultimately, penis enlargement is helped by creating an environment where the tissues and blood vessels in the penis are healthy, flexible and strong. Foods that support tissue health, flexibility and cardiovascular improvement are all great candidates. These include watermelon, bananas, salmon, onion and ginseng among several more. Sometimes these foods — or extracts of them — are included in supplements aimed at the penis enlargement crowd and other times they are simply included in diets aimed at the same crowd.

So the big question remains — can these foods actually grow a man’s penis and improve his length or girth? Well, truthfully — no. Food may be able to do a lot, but there is no food known to man that is going to add inches anytime soon. But what they can do is improve your chances of penis enlargement success if you’re working a program that includes proven ways to increase length, including plastic surgery and the use of traction style enlargement devices. While there may be no miracle food when it comes to penile enlargement that does not mean food lays no part in this process. By supporting your enlargement process with a diet that improves cardiovascular health and offers a boost to tissue health and elasticity, men can make the most of their overall efforts to increase size. As an added bonus incorporating these foods into your diet will also increase performance and sex drive giving men everything they need to finally take control of their sex life once and for all.

What do Weight Loss and Penis Enlargement Have in Common? 

The world of self-help products is a universe unto itself. No matter what your problem, there’s a product that can help. Bad skin? This cleanser system and special motorized brush can help. Saggy bottom? Here, try this exercise program and these supportive and padded undergarments. But no matter how much variety there is, the most popular genre of self-improvement is still weight loss.

The Answers We All Know

The hows and whys of weight loss are never in debate. If you want to lose weight, the focus is on choosing healthier foods and increasing physical activity. Bam. That’s it. The plethora of books, exercise programs, diet products and related products may package the information in a different way or offer tips on recipes, foods and ways to get more activity into your routine but, at the end of the day, the message remains the same. Nevertheless, weight loss products are a multi-billion dollar a year global industry. Weight loss has been connected to better health in a number of different areas, including sexual performance. While the link between weight and libido, stamina and erectile health have been well documented, its connection to penis enlargement isn’t as widely known.

The first connection between the two is the most direct — a boost in size that can come with losing weight. Excess weight in the lower abdomen reduces your ability to thrust deeply and effectively robs your penis of some of its natural size. Additionally, losing weight results in less fat around the pubic area — that fat pad above and around your penis. When fat is reduced in this area it adds length to your penis as the base. The other connections between weight loss and penis enlargement have to do with how each is accomplished. Men who have been successful with their weight loss goals can easily transfer those skills to undergoing penis enlargement with an enlargement device.

It Takes Time — Losing weight takes time. It can be weeks before you start to see any noticeable difference. While most people accept this as a natural part of healthy weight loss, they expect instant results when it comes to using an enlargement device. The truth is that a well-designed, high-quality enlargement device is built to work slowly. That’s simply the safest and most effective way to encourage permanent enlargement while minimizing the chance of injury.

No Pain, No Gain — Working out can be painful, both during the session itself and the next day. The same is true when it comes to enlargement. Traction and elongation devices work by stretching the tissues slowly and encouraging growth. The side effect is some tenderness and discomfort. In order to mitigate this problem, men should engage in therapeutic massage and warm the penis before using a device since warmer tissues are more pliable.

It Requires Lifestyle Changes — Sticking to a strict diet isn’t an option forever. Instead, people have to make long-term changes to their relationship with food and their attitude about exercise. Men undergoing penis enlargement have to make similar adjustments, primarily in how they engage in sex. Initially men have to change the way they have sex due to the growing pains associated with enlargement. Even when the process is done, however, men will still need to make changes in order to adapt to their new size.

Paying Attention to Your Health — Making changes to lose weight often makes people more aware of their overall health. This is also true for men who use a penile enlargement device and discover along the way that they also need help with a lowered libido or problems with sexual performance. Dealing with concerns about all aspects of your sex life can be overwhelming, but with the variety of products available, once you get started, it will be easy to address any issue you have. By the time the enlargement is done, you’ll have addressed everything else as well. Weight loss and penis enlargement may seem like unlikely bedfellows but in the end, they’re both focused on the same goal — improving your health in order to enjoy your life. The similarities between the two offer insight into the best ways to achieve your goals and helps to hone the skills that will get you there.    

Is Penis Enlargement a Concern for Weight Lifters?

When it comes to professional sport, weight lifting is perhaps as masculine as it gets. Body building by means of weight lifting is a commonly enjoyed exercise that many men participate in, whether it’s professionally or recreationally. It’s a very versatile activity to improve looks as well as fitness and health in general. This exercise can be completed on a low level or easily increased for those who want to take the activity and results even further.

As a form of exercise, weight lifting is an excellent way to increase physical fitness and can be used to give a bulkier, or more built, muscular appearance. However, as men get bigger keeping a proportionate body can be a concern.

If only one area of the body is focused on to increase strength and size, an unbalanced appearance can happen. As a result of increased muscle size, men often become concerned with their penis size. It may seem like the penis becomes smaller, or less proportionate to the body, when increased muscle mass is built. In reality the penis size does remain the same.

Does Size Really Matter?

This is a question that all men have asked themselves at some point. Studies and polls have been completed to try to discover the true answer and the results tend to vary, but lean toward the idea that yes, size really does matter. The extent it matters is an even more grey area. Many people boast that technique matters far more than size when it comes to sexual pleasure, which can be true, but size seems to matter also. Studies completed on women’s opinion of penis size seem to conclude size only matters in relation to the proportions of the man. The bigger the man, the smaller the penis may appear, even if it is about the same size as the penis on a smaller man because of the visual effect a bigger body has on penis size. This has lead to concerns for body builders, who begin seeking out penis enlargement options to maintain a proportionate overall appearance.

Another potential issue brought on by body building is the ability to thrust during sexual activity. Men that are overweight or have larger bellies and thighs may also have this concern. The extra weight or muscle mass can inhibit the man’s ability to thrust as easily and deeply than he was able to previously, or that a smaller man may be capable of — having a direct impact on the sexual pleasure of both partners. In many cases, extra length on the penis can help alleviate this problem so it is no longer a concern. While fitness does help improve looks, improving how a person feels is an even stronger benefit. People who routinely exercise tend to feel better overall and engage in a greater variety of activities as a result, including a more active sex life. When sex life becomes impacted negatively by something that should be positive, increasing size can return the man’s sex life to normal or increase the pleasure experienced. In most cases, it doesn’t take much to restore a balanced appearance to the body by means of penis enlargement. The increased size can also help boost self-esteem and confidence, which has an even bigger impact on sexual performance and enjoyment than the length or width of the penis. This allows the man to more readily try new things or more complicated sexual positions. When confidence is low, sex life tends to remain boring, regardless of the size of the penis.

Finding Balance

When a disproportioned body becomes a concern for a body builder, the man can suffer from decreased sexual pleasure and confidence. However, simple penis enlargement technique can offset these side effects of weight lifting, allowing the man to have the health and mental benefits of the activity without sacrificing sexual health, as well. 

Do Weight Lifters Need to Worry About Penis Enlargement?

Weightlifting has a long and colourful history as a hobby and professional sport. Weightlifting and body building is a form of exercise many men enjoy and, when they are advised to increase their physical activity, many men think about hitting the gym. Part of the reason for this sport’s popularity is how versatile it is. If a man simply wants to improve his overall fitness he can engage in moderate weightlifting or muscle building exercises and, for those who want to take it farther, it’s a fairly simple process to increase the intensity.

Weightlifting or body building is a great way to improve your overall physical fitness and many men also enjoy the act of ‘bulking up’ by building muscle. As men get bigger, however, it’s important to keep an eye on keeping yourself proportionate. Bulking up your torso or legs is a great way to increase core strength, but too much can make a person look disproportionate, especially when it comes to your penis. That doesn’t mean that weightlifting has a direct effect on penis size (it absolutely doesn’t) but the aesthetics can have an indirect effect on how that size it perceived.

When Size Matters

Debate on how much size matters has been going on ever since the first man thought to measure himself. A number of clinical studies, magazine polls and countless internet surveys about whether or not size really matters and to what extend it does matter. Generally speaking, the results have shown that size does matter, but not exclusively. There are a number of clichés about technique mattering more than size and these clichés have become common for a reason — there’s a grain of truth to them. One study found that women overwhelmingly placed more emphasis on size when the size of a man’s penis seemed disproportionate to the rest of his body. The focus wasn’t solely on the length or girth, but how well it matched the rest of a man’s body type. For the average sized man, this means having a penis that falls within the accepted average of 4.5–6 inches when erect. But for men who spent a fair amount of time hitting the gym it could mean needing to consider penis enlargement options in order to stay in proportion.

The other sexual performance issue raised by weightlifting or body building is how that can impact a man’s ability to thrust deeply. Ironically, it’s the same concern men have when they are at the other end of the spectrum and are carrying around excess weight around the midsection or thighs. The extra muscle (or weight) inhibits a man’s ability to thrust as deeply as he may have been able to in the past. Once again, this can affect his sexual satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of his partner. This is another case where some extra length can solve the problem and restore his sex life back to what he is accustomed to. Physical fitness is about more than just looking good, it’s also about feeling good. This includes feelings of general health as well as being able to engage in all the activities you want, including a healthy sex life. For men who take up weightlifting or body building, penis enlargement may be the missing piece of the puzzle. In many cases, simple penis enlargement methods can give men that extra bit of length they need to keep their penis size in tune with the shape and size of their new body. As an added bonus, the extra size can also give them a boost in terms of self-esteem and performance as they learn about new positions or techniques to make the most out of their new strength and their enhanced size. 

Body Building and Penis Size — What You Need to Know

The world of body building was once seen as a rather extreme sport or hobby. Men and women with ripped muscles would pose and preen, showing off muscles so big and bulky that, at times, it was difficult to imagine how they might have looked before. While this extreme type of body building remains popular, a more moderate version of the sport has emerged as a popular way for people to get in shape and improve their heath. Workout routines and equipment based on the practices of the professionals have gone mainstream and as a result more and more men are turning to moderate body building as their exercise of choice. Lifting weights and developing more muscle is a great way to lose fat, get in shape and improve your health. While bulking up and trimming down are great, men with concerns about penis size should consider what effect building muscle will have on penis size.

Building Muscle and Changing Perspectives

By now, most men know that women do care about size — even if it’s not the most important thing to them. Several studies have found that women do give preference to men with a larger penis as long as it is proportionate to their body shape. The same hold true for the way they evaluate smaller penises or even an average penis on a larger body. When the issue of body building is factored in, this can be magnified. Part of that comes from the general (and untrue) public association between body building and steroids. Of course, most people who engage in body building, particularly those doing a modified version of it, would never use steroids but, still, the association remains. As a result, many women are hypersensitive to noticing the size of a man’s penis when he is larger.

Most men have no problem keeping their body shape and penis size in proportion as they only bulk up a small amount and generally, their penis is well within norms for size. But for men who have had concerns in the past, bulking up elsewhere makes their penis seem even smaller than before. For these men, adding a penis extender to their workout routine can provide the answer they need. Using a penis extender to increase size and become more proportionate takes time, just like bulking up through weight training. Body builders and weight enthusiasts are actually well suited for using a penis extender as it requires the same kind of discipline as their normal workout routine, though it’s much easier overall. As a man transforms his body he can also be improving his size, resulting in a truly sculpted physique.

Combining Enlargement and Body Building  

Engaging in a fitness routine alongside penis enlargement is an easy union. Both require men to take an active role in their health and to follow the directions and advice of others in order to ensure a healthy transformation. Using an extender takes time and patience, but also a good understanding of the muscles and tissues which are being worked — the perfect focus for men already interested in body building. Undergoing penis enlargement while working to tone and sculpt the rest of your body offers a number of advantages. First it gives you a boost of confidence which can help motivate you to stick with every aspect of your transformation. Secondly, it improves the way your penis looks in proportion to the rest of your body. Finally, it solves a problem many men struggle with for years in silence — concerns over size. Today, there are a number of high quality penis extenders which can be used safely and effectively in the privacy of your own home. This union of enlargement and body building gives many men the overall body they’ve always wanted safely while keeping men in control and in charge of their transformation.

4 Reasons Why Men Worry About Penis Size  

Men have been obsessed with penis size since even before recorded history. This is shown by the truly ancient practices men have for penis enlargement which date back to the earliest days. In ancient Egypt, for example, men tied small stones or other weights to their penis as an early form of traction elongation. In the ancient Middle East, the art of Jelqing was developed as a way to use stretching exercises to increase length and stamina. Knowing that men have always had concerns about size makes it easier to understand why today’s men are just as obsessed by the issue. In fact, men today have more free time than their ancestors and more methods for enlargement at their disposal, making penis size a pressing issue for almost every guy at one point or another. But why is there still so much concern about penis size? With dozens of studies emerging to assure men that they are well within national averages for size, the concern about size hasn’t diminished. Here we’ve gathered together four of the most common reasons — and the logic that might put a few minds at ease.

  1. The Message That Bigger is Better.

There is a prevailing message in most Western countries that bigger is always better. Want to move out of your house — look for a larger one. Shopping around for a new television, check out this 72 inch screen! Even our food has become bigger over the years with both fast food and formal restaurants offering bigger portions, more complimentary items and plenty of choices when it comes to sides and appetizers. With all this focus on the size of everything from fries to screens, it’s no wonder men think that extends to their penis size as well. He truth is that women do notice size, but bigger isn’t always the key. In most cases, women simply want their man to have a penis that is proportionate to the rest of his body — which brings us to the next cause of concern for men.

  1. The Rise in Body Building

Physical fitness has always enjoyed a good amount of popularity. After all, people want to look good. For many men this has translated into a new surge in popularity for body building and building muscle tone. This hobby is not only good in terms of improving a man’s health, but it also improves how he feels about himself. The one drawback for some men is that they soon find that while their overall body shape has increased, their penis has not. This can result in a penis that appears small even though it’s still the same size. For these men, penis enlargement becomes important in order to regain that sense of proportion.

  1. Lack of Exposure

Part of the reason many men are worried about size is that they simply haven’t seen many other penises. We don’t live in a society where men are often together naked and so men tend to assume they are smaller than others. The truth is that studies have determined the average size is around 5 inches when fully erect, placing most men well within normal range.

  1. The Prevalence of High Quality Penis Extenders

This final reason is perhaps the most surmising to many. Recently a number of studies have found that penis extenders are effective in lengthening a man’s penis when they are used properly. The publication of these studies have helped to boost sales of penis extenders and have paved the way for the introduction of many other models. As a result, men have more choice than ever before when it comes to enlargement methods and the sheer number of penis extenders available has made it a more accessible and attractive option for men who had never considered using one before. While this gives men more options and control, it also might make some men feel pressured to use the devices. In the end, using an extender is a commitment of time, energy and money and so while it’s a worthwhile investment for those willing to put in the work, no man should feel pressured into the process.


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Quieres alargar tu pene en pulgadas, por supuesto que sí (¡al igual que lo hizo Alberto, que aumentó el suyo en 20 cms. NO hay nada malo con eso, porque el tamaño de tu pene realmente puede afectar tu autoestima y por lo tanto tu confianza en ti mismo. Las relaciones pueden ser bastante complicadas, sin preocuparse de ESE MOMENTO cuando ella vea tu pene por primera vez. ¿Estás seguro de que no se decepcionará? Porque si lo hace, no sería un gran comienzo para construir una relación. Pero hay una manera de asegurar de que ella estará satisfecha…

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Simplemente sujetas el dispositivo con tu pene, y sin levantar un dedo, este proporciona una tracción constante y regular a lo largo del Cuerpo Cavernoso (la parte del pene que contiene sangre durante las erecciones).

Esto puede hacer que las células del Cuerpo Cavernoso realmente se alejen y finalmente se dividan, creando nuevas células sanas debido a la duplicación celular.

ANDROMEDICAL Team will answer all questions / penis extender device

Feel free to leave a comment as an anonymous guest!

andropenis extender support

David3 months ago ; For those of us who were overzealous in using too much force in extending, is the toughening of the septum durable? Or would the toughening reduce over time once the routine is switched over to a lower force, longer duration one? Would be really unfortunate if the potential of any kind of future growth be stumped because of a dumb mistake

ANDROMEDICAL : Septum toughening is not durable. I would recommend “rest days” or “rest weeks” where you can mitigate any septum hardening that may have happened.

R. Boss3 months ago . ; Will I get the same results if I use it for a total of 10 hours but broken up into 1 1/2–2 hours of continuous usage with a 5 minute break in between (bathroom breaks)? And also, if I “lean” to the left erect; should I still alternate evenly (ie. Half the day left half the day right, switch every day or every other day (which of the 3 options are best for growth?)) or cater to stretching to the right more?

ANDROMEDICAL : Yes, that sounds like a good strategy to me. However, you should spend more time bending “away” from the side that you “lean” towards — if you want to correct the lean.

Damar Sharm 3 months ago : I am 4 inches right now. How long will it take me to become 5 inches? And 6 inches ?

ANDROMEDICAL ; It would take approximately 12 weeks to gain 0.7 inches.

Rita Wain4 months ago : Peyronie’s disease..
I’m ALL for increased size, but guys, don’t be embrassed about ANY curvature of your penis. A curve in any direction is an exhilarating experience for ladies.

Peter Dane a year ago : How long should I keep the phallo on ?? I been avg about 4 hours a week. I feel a little thicker but I guess I need someone to tell me at least 3–4 hours a day you will see results. Not 3 hours a week

ANDROMEDICAL : You are correct! Aim for 3–4 hours a day (not a week!)

Lewis. Hi, I’m a van driver can I use the device wile I’m driving.

ANDROMEDICAL : Some devices you can, some you can’t. Really depends on the design.


A huge problem we see is that guys don’t measure their size properly. This guide aims to solve that problem by telling you proper measuring techniques to achieve accurate and consistent length and girth measurements.

Ever wondered how large you truly are? Want to compare to other guys to see if you’re bigger?

Then you’re in the right place. Most guys don’t even measure properly, and they don’t truly know if they’re above, at, or below average.

Here, you’re going to learn how to correctly measure your penis size.

First things first: Understanding Temperature

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Just remember that temperature affects blood flow to the penis. This can be summarized in two points:

You’ll notice in warm-hot weather, your penis will hang lower. The takeaway is to that each time you measure, try to make sure the temperature is the same for each measurement. This will greatly improve the consistency of your measurements over time.

Flaccid vs. Erect

Without pulling on your penis, there are three “natural” states that range from minimum size to maximized size.

  1. The Zero-Blood Flaccid State — This state is your minimum size. It’s at the edge of becoming smaller than normal if you experience shrinkage.
  2. The Fully-Hung Flaccid States — This state is when you’re at your maximum flaccid size.
  3. There is enough blood to extend your penis out such that it hangs as low as possible, just before it starts to rise and become a semi-erection.
  4. The 100% Erect State — Pretty self-explanatory. This is when you have a rock-hard erection. You can’t get any bigger. Blood flow in your penis is at maximum.

Keep these states in mind when you take your measurements. Ok, let’s get into the first measurement:

The Bone-Pressed Flaccid Length (BPFL) Measurement This is a measurement technique that you can do pretty much any time.

You will need your ruler with you. Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Grip the glans of your penis.
  2. Pull it as far outward as you can (without hurting yourself)
  3. Find the bone at the left or right of the base of your penis, at your pelvis
  4. Take your ruler and press the edge of it against that bone.
  5. With your penis still stretched out, line up your penis next to your ruler keeping both ruler and penis completely parallel to each other.
  6. Measure by tracing the tip of your penis to the correct mark on the ruler to get your size.

Keep in mind, you want to always use the same bone and the same spot to press the ruler against. This pelvic bone location is ideal because it’s hard and not going to move anywhere. It’s perfect for consistency.

Another thing you don’t want to do is to angle your penis towards the ruler. Remember: keep your stretched penis parallel with the ruler. This will ensure that you always measure consistently.

Now that we know the Bone-Pressed Flaccid Length Measurement technique, let’s go on to the Bone-Pressed Erect Length Measurement technique.

The Bone-Pressed Erect Length Measurement

This one is very similar to the Bone-Pressed Flaccid Length Measurement. The only difference is that your penis is in its fully-erect, maximum erection state.

  1. Get your penis to the 100% Erect State (though visual or physical stimulation)
  2. Find the bone at the left or right of the base of your penis, at your pelvis
  3. Take your ruler and press the edge of it against that bone.
  4. Angle and steady your erect penis so that it’s completely parallel to the ruler.
  5. Measure by tracing the tip of your penis to the correct mark on the ruler to get your BPEL measurement.

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally — 8 Lifestyle Changes to Make

There’s a scientific term for that, and that’s testosterone. Testosterone is the human male’s primary hormone. Not surprisingly, adult men produce up to 10 times more testosterone than women.

Testosterone is responsible for sex drive, libido, as well as maintaing muscle and bone mass. Now you can see why testosterone is so important, espeicially to Mr Powers.

In this guide, we’re going to give you 8 actionable steps you can take to improve your testosterone levels naturally, without any medical supplements.

Maintain a Healthy and Well Balanced Diet , Eat monounsaturated fats

Monounsaturated fats are typically found in nuts. These include:

  • Macadamia Nuts , Hazelnuts , Pecans , Almonds, Nuts are great because they’re easy to snack on. Just pour into a bowl.

In fact, we recommend pouring them into a bowl to ensure you don’t overeat them. Overeatting nuts is bad because they are primarily fat, and a diet too high in fat leads to weight problems, and of course, fat gain.

Eat more cabbage.

A study conducted at Rockefeller University in New York found cabbage is packed with Indole-3-Carbinol, or IC3, a phytochemical that helps to boost testosterone level.

In the study, men were able to reduce Estrogen hormone by 50% when they were given a dose of IC3. Estrogen is the primary hormone generated by women (but is also produced by in men in much smaller amounts).

Here are other foods that you can eat to reduce estrogen levels:

  • Brocoli . Arugula .Bok choy. Broccoli. Brussels sprouts .Cabbage . Cauliflower . Collard greens. Horseradish . Kale. Radishes . Rutabaga . Turnips . Watercress . Wasabi

Completely avoid soy products.

This is probably one of the biggest foods you can avoid that can provide the most benefit to your testosterone levels. Soy produces equol in your gut which is a strong anti-androgen (testosterone killer).

Additionally it rises your estrogen production levels significantly, thus cutting out testosterone production. Because it doesn’t even taste that great, it’s actually fairly easy to avoid soy products. In fact, most of the soy consumers are vegans.

Limit (or avoid) your alcohol consumption.

There are numerous studies that reveal alcohol consumption decreases testosterone level for up to 24 hours. All while this is happening, it increases cortisol and lowers growth hormone levels.

Growth hormone is also another essential for body and cell repair. Your body is constantly producing this hormone as well, so to cut it off for up to 24 hours is no good.

In short, your hormonal profile goes into wack for about 24 hours and your natural testosterone and growth hormone production suffer.

Foods that boost testosterone.

  • Steak , Eggs, Oysters, Nuts, Avacados, Garlic, Green Vegetables, Tribulus (Herb), Testofen (Herb)

Ways to use physical activity to increase testosterone naturally. Perform a regular workout routine.

How many times have you “promised” yourself that you would workout “tomorrow”? If you’re like me, you’ve made many of these failed promises to yourself in your mind.

The only way to get around this is to set a weekly routine for your workouts. Promise yourself 3 days to workout — no more no less. The idea is that you make it easy enough so that you can get it done no matter what.

Strength Training

Strength training is critical to testosterone production. That’s because overload that it places on the muscles promotes both testosterone and growth hormone production.

These two hormones are necessary to repairing and maintaining muscle mass. That’s why it’s necessary to stimulate your body into producing them — all by weight training.

Avoid overtraining — intensity and number of workouts per week.

Overtraining produces a stress hormone that breaks down muscles and competing testosterone production. A study done by University of North Carolina researchers discovered that overtraining lowers testosterone levels as much as up to 40%.

A simple rule to follow to avoid overtraining: Simply make sure you get enough rest in between workouts! That means sufficent sleep as well, which we’ll talk about next.

Getting enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep is fairly easy. The simple rule to follow? Aim for 6 hours of sleep every night. Those guys under 18, still going through puberty should aim for at least 8 hours. The result is that you awaken much fresher and more restored.

Reducing and eliminating stress as much as possible. Watching your favorite sports.

Researchers at University of Utah found that men who are actively engaged in watching sports team compete experience a surge of testosterone levels similar to the players.

The research found a 20% increase in testosterone levels of fans watching the game their team win. On the other hand, testosterone levels fall 20% when their team lost.

One requirement is that you actively be engaged in the sporting event, so if you’re passively watching, don’t expect to get much of a testosterone boost. This also naturally leads to have you compete in sports yourself.

Get as much sun as possible.

Boston State Hospital reported simply by exposing the skin to sunlight for 15 to 20 minutes can help raise testosterone level up to 120%.

Also, the research found additional data when exposing the genital’s skin to sun increases hormone level by a whopping 200% — so if you can, you know what to do! This one was a big problem for me originally.

I used to live in Seattle at in the fall and winter, the sun literally went down at 3pm. In other words, at 3pm, it was completely dark.

Not only was I not productive, but I just wanted to crawl up and go to sleep. At 3pm in the afternoon! Eventually, I moved to Los Angeles, and sun was not a problem any more. I had more energy, higher sex drive, and simply wanted to move about and do more things.

See, testosterone is like an agent of activity and change. So it’s only natural that the sun boosts the natural production of testosterone.

Take a cold shower or bath for a temporary boost.

Cold showers shock your body into a state of adreneline that produces more testosterone and other hormones. Not only that, but it can wake you up immediately and is good for setting a productive state for the rest of the day.

So its benefits are pretty much compounding throughout the day (especially if you cold shower in the morning).

Managing your weight properly. Here’s what you need to do: Cut fat, Gain muscle.

Having too excessive amounts of fat is a testosterone killer. Many clinical trials have proven that there is a clear link to between obesity and testosterone levels.

While women primarily store fat in the hips and buttocks, men primarily store it in the belly. So while losing fat will help your testosterone production, it also has another key purpose — it will make your penis bigger.

Yes, you heard me right. Becuase the a large amount of fat in men is stored in the belly and pelvis area, it is effectively “hiding” your penis beneath all that fat.

When you lose this fat, you are physically “showing” more penis shaft and effectively making it longer. So if you need an additional motivator — simply reenforce the fact that losing fat will boost your testosterone and penis size.

Libido Booster Supplement , Use Andropharma herbal libido booster to increase sexual desire and achieve long lasting erections.

Andropharma Vigor

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How to check your testosterone levels.

The only way to do this is to get a blood test. Simply go to your doctor and request a blood test. These are routine and typically covererd by insurance plans.

In fact, it’s highly recommended to get a blood test at least once a year. Not only that, but it will reveal other critical metrics as well as your testosterone level. The blood test should be fast — the nurse sticks a needle in your arm and draws multiple vials of blood. The testosterone level number is reported by the lab after they analyze your blood sample.

In conclusion

Raising your testosterone naturally is very possible to do simply by making certain lifestyle changes. All these methods discussed above also have hidden benefits: They also improve your overall health.

Ironic huh? The things they taught you in school were actually beneficial in more ways than originally expected!

Since your body naturally produces less testosterone as you age (for most guys around age 40), it’s absolutely essential that you get into habit of a reliable lifestyle that will supply you with testosterone for the rest of your life.

If you’re new to managing your testosterone, the single best thing you can do right now is to see a doctor for a blood test to get your testosterone levels checked. That way you’ll immediately know if you’re deficient and need to start taking action now.

How are your testosterone levels? Let us know in the comments! If you’re looking to add a reasonable .7 inches to your penis through natural stretching, hyperplasia, and traction principles already used in plastic surgery methods — you may be interested in ANDROPENIS EXTENDER that thousands of men already use.