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“Penile traction therapy (PTT) seems an effective treatment for the acute phase (AP) of Peyronie’s disease (PD) in terms of pain reduction, penile curvature decrease, and improvement in sexual function.” Andropeyronie

Dr. Martínez-Salamanca, Urologist, Universitary Hospital PdH, Spain

doctor Salamanca for Peyronie disease

Practice Essentials

Peyronie illness (PD) is named after French surgeon François Gigot de la Peyronie, who explained the problem in 1743. [1] PD is characterized by curvature in the penile shaft (see the picture listed below) that is typically come before by uncomfortable erections and also accompanied by an area of fibrosis. The particular angulation is regularly associated with erectil disfunction (ED), either as an outcome of buckling of the penile shaft with intromission or because of an absence of rigidness distal to the location of connected fibrosis. This lack of strength appears to be the outcome of concession to the distal penile blood supply.

Andropeyronie device for Peyronie disease

Over the years, different clinical and surgical therapies have been made use of to treat this problem, whose etiology continues to be uncertain. The number and range of these efforts at treatment stand as a testament to their family member lack of efficiency. This article defines the trouble of PD, outlines an affordable examination of individuals with PD, assesses the medical treatments that have actually been used, and also presents the medical options that are currently offered. The indications for treatment are discussed, as are the expected results. The goal is to give an useful technique to the diagnosis and also therapy of PD in the scientific setup.

Peyronies Disease
Andropeyronie penis curvature modification medical tool is a non-surgical and an even more pleasant solution. Using Andropeyronie extender device generates adjustment of natural curvature, injury or Peyronies condition, in addition to penis growth by using the pressure of traction in large bulk of individuals according to clinical studies.
Andropeyronie penile curvature correcting gear especially assists with bent or bent penis brought on by any kind of cause (Peyronies disease, hereditary or injury); as well as can repair the condition by as much as 40% in connection with the initial situation. At the very same time it excites the division of cells in the penis which triggers growth of penis as much as 1.5 cm (0.6″) in size and also approximately 1 cm (0.4″) in area conferring to researches. Peyronies condition is a clinical syndrome of which the reason is still unknown. It is identified by fibrous bands and plaques of hard cells showing up in the soft sponge-like tissues of the penis. It can appear at any age, but it is much more typical in later stages of life. Their development can impede routine growth of penis and also trigger the penis to curve extremely. It is a degenerative illness as well as normally becomes worse if not treated.

AndroPeyronies Disease

Andropeyronie Features: Andropeyronie has an unique part which makes the difference from other penis enhancement devices. Its additional holes in the top support enable the attachment of penis with any curvature level and kind.

Andropeyronie Specifications

Penis dimension of at least 3.2 inches (8 centimeters) in erection.
Age in between 18 as well as 65 years.
Returns: Due to the hygiene or recovery nature of this item, it is non-returnable.

6. You should always search for items that have certifications assuring freshness as well as quality. Said certifications guarantee the tracking and also control of harvesting, manufacture, and post-production. Search for products that have certificates like: GMP, GAP, as well as ISO. Only by doing this will certainly you be ensured optimal outcomes. Products that have earned these qualifications will be detailed online page, together with an analysis of each part utilized in manufacturing, and also the continuing to be item information.



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What is Peyronie’s?

One method to deal with peyronie’s illness and also bent penis syndrome is to apply a constant as well as regular stretch along the penis to urge it to alter shape.
This is done by enhancing the traction on the side of the gadget where the penis is flexing. After that the Andropeyronie Extender gadget will strongly and also pleasantly hold the penis, allowing it to straighten out over an amount of time. Given that this is a steady and also clinically authorized approach, the Andropeyronie Extender traction device will allow the plague to carefully and safely stretch over time, reducing the source of the penis’ bend.

As the penis is therapeutically extended, the penile blood flow will significantly improve, and also the muscular component of the penis will reinforce also many thanks to the increased blood flow and also the tension the penis is under. This will boost the penis capacity to continue to be straight beyond the tool.

Making use of a Andropeyronie Extender grip tool can help enhance the self confidence and sex-related life of its user. A straighter penis is much more visually attractive as well as will appear as well as feel stronger than in its previous state.

As a matter of fact the initial point you will likely observed is that not only will the shaft of your penis come to be thicker and also a lot more defined, however likewise that the head of your penis will certainly end up being larger and also have a deeper red colour because the blood flow is reaching the head appropriately for the first time.

Additionally, by correcting the alignment of the penis, the penis is currently cost-free to become properly put up (which might not of been possible before). and with its fully engorged state, making sexual stimulation much more satisfying and also impressive for both you and your partner. With the erect penis currently much longer, more powerful and also harder, you will locate that sex not only ends up being more comfortable yet also extra extreme as well as pleasurable.


Does using the Andropeyronie Extender need medical experience or the assistance of a Doctor?
No, the Andropeyronie Extender includes an easy to understand usage as well as user’s manual and does not need a clinical assessment.

Can the Andropeyronie Extender be used at work and while you sleep?
If you have a non-physical work, the Male Edge can be worn under underpants and also loose suitable trousers– assisting you to accomplish a bigger penis all day. It may confirm tough to keep during rest if you twist and turn a whole lot. The only way to identify this is by trying.

Can the treatment take place for as lengthy as I want, and will I keep getting results?
Our penis augmentation devices will certainly continue to make your penis larger as long as the therapy continues.

Do I need to comply with a set treatment pattern?
No, you can wear the Andropeyronie Extender as you please. The outcome depends just, on the overall amount of hours used, and the traction entailed.

Does the result decline with time?
No! The enhancement of the penis is permanent.

Does the Andropeyronie Extender aid in instance of a bent penis?
Yes! The andropenis Extender has proved effective in aligning the penis.

Does the Andropeyronie Extender need a particular length or thickness of the penis?
No! The andropenis Extender is created for penises of all percentages. It can additionally be utilized on circumcised penises.

What happens in instance of erection while the Andropeyronie Extender is worn?
The Andropeyronie Extender either gets used to the provided erection angle or simply glides off efficiently to be used again.

What takes place when I purchase?
Within 24 hrs we deliver you the Andropeyronie Extender in an entirely unmarked and simple box with only your address details outside. Just you will certainly recognize what’s inside! In a few days you will certainly receive the Andropeyronie Extender packed with all you require to start your penis enlargement in the house.

Will the girth(size) decrease, remain the exact same or increase?
Due to the basic tissue expansion the girth boosts in addition to the size. The ordinary increase in size is 28%, and also for girth 19% increase.

The anatomy of the penis

The anatomy of the penis is composed of three cylinders completely separate of each other (reference to box 1.1). The two parallel cylinders, named corpus cavernosum, function to erect the penis. Both cylinders communicate with each other, approximately three-fourths of their length, via small holes between the penis’ cylinders. (This is the reason why penis injections are only given in the shaft or the cylinder.) These cylinders, when approaching the body, are parted and attached to the pelvic bone by a thick membrane. In addition, each cylinder is covered with a resistant wrapping known as the “tunica albuginea.” Circling the penis is another membrane, that when filled with blood under pressure, creates a firm formation and allows penetration.

penis arab 1.jpg

The third cylinder of the penis is the so-called «spongiosum» of the collection, as well as contains the urethra. The fine cells around the erect membrane is much finer, and also the cylinder sits in the groove produced by the other 2 cylinders. While the spongiosum approaches completion of the penis, it inflates. This is referred to as the balano. Finally, in the location closest to the male body, the spongiosum expands to form the light bulb. Covering the three cyndrical tubes is a thick as well as resistant membrane called Buck’s girdle. Lastly, there is a cap covering this area called Colles band or instead, the superficial cap. This proceeds up the wall surface of the abdominal location, that supports the structure strongly, at the exact same time creating stamina as well as solidity. penis.

The skin that covers the penis is incredibly mobile and adaptable. This is needed to permit and generate erections. The penis’ skin is special in this feeling, and also is regulated by the hormonal system. The Balloon is a distinct anatomic framework various from the remainder, as well as is covered by foreskin. It has a dual layer of skin, and also is enabled to move as well as readjust itself according to the requirements of the penis. As a result, it is sensitive to any sort of swelling or injury. For this reason, the penis’ skin is vulnerable to swelling by tiny trauma, within a brief amount of time.

The penis organ is secured to the pubic bone, as well as the expanding muscle mass links, in turn, to the top of the penis. The muscular tissues from the recto muscular tissue, or the abdominal muscles, are those that are located in the main stomach wall surface. This growing layer is known as the fundiform tendon, which produces a lengthening of the recto muscular tissue and links to the penis. When they cut this ligament, as in operations of augmentation, the penis may appear larger; however, it is merely hanging lower from the body because of its higher wheelchair.

The blood source.

The source that provides the penis with blood is called the Aorta, which originates from a main vessel discovered in the lower component of the back body. The aorta divides right into an interior and also external artery. By sitting, and also specifically when riding a bicycle, a man can stop the flow of blood to this basic penis artery. When they harm it, blood lack and erectile dysfunction generally adhere to. A primary artery of the corpus cavernosum materials blood to each one of the erect bodies of the penis.

The source that provides the blood to the balano (likewise called the head of the penis) develops component of the apart system that was stated above. Consequently, males can get to an erection without the balano inflamed, as an example, in well-known conditions as priapismo, and also for men that have penis implants for balano that will certainly not increase the size of.

The system underlying an erection is the corpus-venoso-oclusivo. When the veins can not compress or block themselves, it is impossible to accomplish an erection. Without this extremely sensitive mechanism, blood can leave too soon from the penis and result in a lost erection. This dysfunction is called venous getaway.


The nerves of the penis is involved in the development and also maintenance of an erection, as well as climaxing. The sensing unit nerves are found in the best numbers in the head of the penis. In order to get to an erection it takes multiple areas of the brain and also the spinal cord. The initial component of a penis erection is regulated by the brain, called the mental erection. This happens under any type of sort of psychological or sexual stimulus. Erections that can just be triggered by the friction of the skin is referred to as reflexogenica erection. It takes place frequently among males that have actually had some kind of damages in the spine. Most guys with reflexogenica can not achieve an erection unless they are promoted literally.


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Andropeyronie Specifications

  • Penis size of at least 3.2 inches (8 cm) in erection.
  • Age between 18 and 65 years.
  • Returns: Due to the hygiene or rehabilitation nature of this product, it is non-returnable.

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