Micropenis – Short Penis


«Short penis» or micropenis enhancement can be regarded as a cosmetic issue or as a functional goal, if applied criteria for clinically recognised cases of micropenis. In clinical language, «short penis» cases are more often referred as penile «dysmorphophobia» cases. andro-penis-mini-extender 


A «clinically relevant» short penis is definable as any length smaller than 1.6 inches (4 cm) for the flaccid penis and smaller than 2.75 inches (7 cm) for the erect or stretched penis. In these cases, penile enhancement is often sought after.   andro-penis-mini-extender 

What people commonly have in mind when they think of a «short penis» might be different from real clinical cases of micropenis. Short penis or micropenis enhancement can be considered a functional goal if penis size falls below this defined measure.

Any man with a penis larger than 1.6 inches (4 cm) in flaccid state or 2.75 inches (7 cm) in erection state can consider themselves to have a penis big enough to perform. Nevertheless, the main aim of our medical enhancement devices and techniques is to increase their patients’ confidence and self-esteem regarding their sexual relations, not to increase the size and get a bigger size by itself.

Therefore, our medical extenders are useful for micropenis and short penis cases, but also for men who think that their sexual life would improve with this kind of medical devices.

Scientific studies support the safety and efficacy of using the andro-penis-mini-extender  extender in short penis cases as a feasible non-invasive, penile augmentation treatment, hence making it the first-line treatment option in men seeking penile lengthening.


Most clinically relevant «short penis» cases are due to low levels of testosterone, a growth hormone deficiency or by genetic syndromes. If this is the situation, consult a doctor in order to boost the potential and effective results of using andro-penis-mini-extender .

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Andropenis Mini

Andropenis Mini– A treatment of a specialized issue.

Andropenis Mini is a medically prescribed device for penis enlargement and penis widening, suitable for men with a penis smaller than 3.2 inches (8 cm) in erection.

Doctor Recommended

The ANDRO PENIS extender comes in one package: GOLD.  The ANDROPENIS GOLD package includes:

1. Gold bars for traction purposes.
2. Gold ANDROPENIS is suitable down to 2.8″ initial length.
3. DVD for informational purposes
4. 10.5″ original extension length and can be added to easily at a cost of 9.99 per 2 inch rod.
5. A multitude of spare parts, padding, force distributors: more than any other major mainstream traction device.
6. Written instruction manual in 14 languages with record keeping graphs.

The Andro-Penis is based on the principle of traction. It is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device, and holds the European Health Certification (CE). The device is composed of a plastic ring connected to two dynamic metal rods, a plastic support and a silicon band that holds the glans in place. It is a European device, which can be easily worn and taken off. It is very discreet and comfortable. You can wear it while walking, sitting, standing, and so on.

Andro-Penis GOLD is a traction device used to enlarge the penis. This growth occurs due to the reaction capacity of tissues to undergo cellular multiplication when they are subjected to a contiunuous force of traction.

The principle of traction is used in plastic surgery for tissue expansion. The regeneration of new tissue is used to cover cutaneous defects, burns, and areas of hair loss. It is also used in orthopaedic surgery to enlarge the diaphysis of long bones and phalanges.

In ancient cultures this principle of traction is used to enlarge different parts of the body, like the neck of the Giraffe women of the Paduang tribe in Burma, or the lips and ears of other African and Amazonian tribes. They attach prothesises or weights for elongation.

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Penis Enlargement ANDROPENIS

Penis Enlargement 

Dr. Eduardo A. Gómez de Diego
Andrologist and General Manager of Andromedical S.L.

During the nearly 20 years I have been engaged in the practice of the Andrology, I have treated more than a 1.000 patients interested in enlarging the size of their penis and we can congratulate ourselves for helping so many patients to accomplish their goal successfully with the ANDROPENIS EXTENDER . For these men, it was really important to improve their size, no matter what the specific reason was when they contacted ANDROPENIS EXTENDER in the first place. If we have contributed to improve their lifestyle in any way, then we have also accomplished our goal, since the idea has always been to respond to a demand.

«I have treated more than 1,000,000 patients interested in enlarging the size of their penis…«

It is not only that the ANDROPENIS EXTENDER device (classified as a Type 1 Medical Device and CE Health Certification in Europe) is produced with the highest quality medical standards (UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000) but also hundreds of ANDROPENIS EXTENDER collaborating doctors and clinics worldwide prescribe … and carry out treatments using the traction device. FDA approved. ANDROPENIS EXTENDER

The key of our success lays in that we are a medical company, determined to offer a guaranteed solution with a support service to the patient all along his treatment. Quality, service and scientific background. Respected urologists have carried out scientific studies using the ANDROPENIS EXTENDER device with patients for penile enlargement, curvatures correction treatments and post surgical treatments, to avoid scar retraction. In all those cases, ANDROPENIS EXTENDER has proven essential to fulfill their objectives.

«The key of our success lays in that we are a medical company…»

Being such a simple method has enabled us to offer the treatment directly to the public for penile enlargement, given that the patient follows carefully the instructions manual, in which every detail of the treatment is specified in order to complete the process with success. The parameters that should be followed have been established after carrying out scientific studies. Any questions can be answered through e-mail.

All the above reasons explain why are we different, and why we deserve the respect we have gained during the past years.

Yours respectfully,
Dr. Eduardo Gómez de Diego                                                FDA penis extender.png


penis arab 1.jpgandropenis-penis extender.png penis arab 2.jpg

Developed by the prominent Spanish urologist Dr. Eduardo A. Gomez de Diego, of Andrology Services, Andromedical Clinic, , the ANDROPENIS EXTENDER device has been studied and tested to ensure consumers of its safety and effectiveness. The following physicians were instrumental in the research of the device:

  • R. Vaccari, MD, Andrology Medical Center, Milan (Italy)
  • M. Musillo, MD Andrology Medical Center, Milan (Italy)
  • F. Pezzoni, MD Andrology Medical Center, Milan (Italy)

Effects on test subjects were studied by the following researchers:

  • Colpi G.M., San Paolo Hospital – University of Milan, Italy
  • Martini P., San Paolo Hospital – University of Milan, Italy
  • Scroppo F.I., San Paolo Hospital – University of Milan, Italy
  • Mancini M., San Paolo Hospital – University of Milan, Italy
  • Castiglioni F., San Paolo Hospital – University of Milan, Italy

Individuals were tested over a 24 week time span using the ANDROPENIS EXTENDER device. Below, are their recorded results.

Doctors the world over have endorsed the ANDROPENIS EXTENDER and consistently recommend us to their patients in search of penis enlargement. Countless physicians have contacted us for information and many have written back with remarkable success stories.

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A Forum Post from Mark: (you’ll get access to this forum)
It has been one month. I am impressed, didn’t think I would get this much so far:
Flaccid 5″ + 1.0
Girth 4.25 – 0.25 25
Hard Length 6.75 + .50
girth 5.10 + .10″

The medical community agrees, ANDROPENIS EXTENDER is the safest, most comprehensive system on the market. Independent research testing has shown that our system WORKS. It’s a proven program with an extraordinary track record.

Independent Research Studies   MicroPenis Treatment ,Fixing Penile Curvature

penis extender andropenis

Statistics: Penis Length , Penis Stretching , Post-Op Treatment , Medical Symposiums


ANDROPENIS EXTENDER has been classified by the European Union Health Authorities as a Medical Device Type 1, and has the CE sign. ( Tests of approval were realized as establised in the declaration of Helsinki, adopted in 1964 during the 18th World medical Assemblee in Helsinki, Finland, and revised in 1989 during the 41st assamblee in Hong Kong).

The ANDROPENIS EXTENDER traction device is made according to the standards of the European Union, using only medical parts of the highest quality, suitable for being in continuous contact with the human tissue.


Scientific studies published in the International Journal of Impotence Research state that no side effects occurred when ANDROPENIS EXTENDER was used.

A scientific study published in the International Journal of Andrology (suppl. 2002) stated that GM Colpi and P Martini of the Department of Andrology, San Paolo Hospital, Milan (Italy) are making use of ANDROPENIS EXTENDER to treat both small penis and penis curvature.

Scientific work presented at the 2nd annual Conference on Aesthetic Medicine stated that working with ANDROPENIS EXTENDER is just as important as the surgical stage (penile surgery).


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A Forum Post from Doopey: (you’ll get access to this forum)
My starting position on 17/07/04 was;
FG 4″
BPEL 6.75″
EG 5″
My current postion on 17/08/04 is;
BPFL 5.75″ (+.75) 
FG 4.5″ (+.5) 
BPEL 7″ (+.25) 
EG 5.25″ (+.25)»  

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